Su Xi-er muttered, "The person below actually has it easy. I am glad to relax."


However, she didn't expect his reply to call her out on her bluff. "Why don't I be on top every single night?"


A bashful atmosphere soon enveloped the warmth inside the horse carriage.




Meanwhile, a heavy atmosphere hung in the Commandery Prince Residence where Xie Liuli was still recovering from her previous fever. However, this didn’t stop her from openly showing the concern on her face as Imperial Physician Zhao examined her brother while shaking his head.


On the contrary, Xie Yun was placid despite the continuous sighs from Imperial Physician Zhao. "Imperial Physician, is there still hope for this Prince's right index finger?"


Imperial Physician Zhao's eyebrows were so furrowed that they formed a line. He finally decided to truthfully answer, "Commandery Prince, the bone in the finger is already broken. Although the bone itself has not broken off, your index finger can be considered crippled from now on; you won’t be able to exert strength in it."


Xie Liuli was in a daze for a while before she anxiously asked, "His finger is crippled? He won't be able to use this finger at all in the future? Aren't there any other methods to treat him?" Elder Brother holds a portion of the military power in his hands. If he can't impress and make people submit with his military skills, he may not be able to protect his position.


His right index finger being crippled would be a tremendous blow for him.


Imperial Physician Zhao nodded. "This humble subject is powerless. There were also poisonous thorns on his body, but they were fortunately quickly removed and treated with medicinal herbs. They won’t be anything serious, but he will lose strength in his legs for at least half a month when night falls. In the worst case scenario, he may be bedridden for several months.


"My brother still has to lie in bed for several more months?" Xie Liuli's face was full of worry. How did Elder Brother injure himself so severely?


"Reporting to the Commandery Princess, there should be no more complications with the Commandery Prince’s condition. It’s just that this type of poisonous plant will cause people to lose strength in their legs. The most he can do is to drink more nourishing soup to speed up the recovery."


Just as Xie Liuli was about to probe more, Xie Yun spoke, "Many thanks, Imperial Physician Zhao. You may return to the palace after you have written the prescription."


"This humble subject obeys the order." Imperial Physician Zhao bowed and followed the guard out to write the prescription and gather the medicinal herbs.


Inside the room, Xie Liuli couldn't help but speak up when she saw her brother's unperturbed expression. "Are you really alright?"


Xie Yun raised his right hand and purposely waved it in front of his sister's eyes. "Look, isn't it fine?"


Looking at how he was trying his best to force a smile, Xie Liuli really felt like crying. "How can you sit there and tell me that you’re fine?! You’re the only family I have left, and nothing can happen to you; otherwise, I won’t be able to live on."


Seeing how sorrowful his sister was, Xie Yun couldn't bear for her to go on like this, and raised his hand to caress her head. "Let’s calm down; I really am fine. Besides, I won’t always be your only family. Don’t you still want to marry someone? Your future husband and children will also be your family."


When Xie Liuli heard the word 'husband', her mind immediately wandered to the man in blue. However, she was afraid that her brother would be unhappy, and quickly put the memory at the back of her mind. "Elder Brother, Prince Hao is already married, and you're also roughly at the same age as him. Liuli wants an elder sister-in-law, and the Commandery Prince Residence also needs an heir."


For some reason, Xie Yun thought of the woman who had helped him remove the thorns earlier today. I don't even know her name.


Sensing that Xie Yun was distracted, Xie Liuli involuntarily asked, "Elder Brother, what's wrong?"


Xie Yun returned to his senses and smiled. "Nothing much. Liuli, you have to be obedient and not randomly run around in the future. I'll only be able to lie in bed for a while, and won’t be able to save you if you cause trouble again."


"Don’t worry, I’m already grown up. I’ll be too busy taking care of you to cause trouble anyways." A coquettish look appeared on Xie Liuli's face. "I should find an elder sister-in-law and let her take care of you."

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