When He Xiuxiu heard her son would need continuous nourishment to recover, her expression immediately became awkward. We were already poor to begin with, and the silvers we did have are almost depleted after taking care of my son for so long. How are we supposed to still have money to buy such nourishing food for him?


At this moment, Su Xi-er took out a heavy pouch[1] from her sleeve and passed it to He Xiuxiu. “Eldest Aunt, take these silvers to purchase any food that is needed for your son to recuperate.”


He Xiuxiu felt embarrassed and repeatedly waved her hands. “Xi-er, I have let you down, and it’s already enough that you have forgiven me. If I took your silvers as well, I wouldn’t know what to feel.”


“Just take them. These silvers don’t mean anything to me, but they can help Elder Cousin’s brother recover. With farming as your only means of living, how can you earnestly work if his body isn’t well?” Su Xi-er smilingly said as she stuffed the pouch into He Xiuxiu’s hand.


“Xi-er, you are too nice.” He Xiuxiu was visibly moved as she held on to the pouch.


“Younger Cousin, you should stay and have a meal today. Mum made a table full of delicious dishes.” Su Miao stepped forward and grabbed Su Xi-er’s hand. However, right as she finished speaking, she looked towards Pei Qianhao. 


Regardless of how good the dishes are, they still can’t compare to the ones at the Prince Hao Residence. Prince Hao probably won’t be used to eating them.


Su Xi-er could discern the expectation on He Xiuxiu’s face, and decided to agree. “Even if you hadn’t said so, I would have been shameless and insisted on staying back for a meal.” She then turned her head to Pei Qianhao. “A-Jing, am I right?”


Ever since she learnt of his pet name, she would continue to use it more and more. She found it much more pleasing to the ear than his formal name.


Pei Qianhao could sense her joy, and naturally agreed as well. “You’re right.” He then instructed the imperial physician. “Go to the market to buy some nutritious food and have it sent here.”


The imperial physician immediately bowed. “Yes.” He then walked out of the door with a guard quickly following him; it would only be a few hours before they returned.


He Xiuxiu naturally understood that Pei Qianhao had ordered the physician on her behalf. The person standing in front of my eyes is the reigning Prince Hao! How could I have expected that he would one day come to my house?!


Hence, she immediately followed the imperial physician in bowing. “Many thanks, Prince Hao. This peasant woman is extremely grateful.”


Pei Qianhao briefly glanced at her and waved his hand for her to get up. “Since you are the Princess Consort’s family, this Prince will naturally treat you with courtesy. Quickly get up.”


At this moment, Su Miao’s father, Su Zhuang, a man with ash-coloured hair came out from the inner chamber. Although he was 40 this year, the many hardships over the years had taken a toll on him. He had toiled with all his effort, even going as far as to take up odd jobs in the neighbouring village on top of his farming work. The result was him now looking old beyond his years.


He had been staying in the inner room to take care of his son, and only felt comfortable coming out once the latter had fallen peacefully asleep.


Having left Willow Village before, Su Zhuang had seen more of the world than this wife and daughter. After he saw Pei Qianhao, he immediately bowed. “This peasant pays his respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand for him to get up, but said something very unexpected. “Come to the courtyard; this Prince has something to ask you.” He then walked out of the outer room by himself first.

Bewilderment flickered past Su Xi-er’s eyes. Why does he want to talk to Su Zhuang in private?

1. I showed an image when I first introduced the pouch, but I thought I should just show some another image again since they look really nice. Take note that the images I have shown you are not the only designs.

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