It’s the noble gentleman everyone was discussing just now!


As it was with Su Xi-er, they had only caught a brief glimpse of his appearance before he had disappeared into the Su Family’s courtyard. Now that they finally got a good look at him, it was silent enough to hear a pin drop.


There are no words to describe his aura. Everyone involuntarily lowered their heads, and some were already kneeling down. Those eyes are composed and filled with oppressive dignity.


Pei Qianhao swept his cold gaze across the masses as he uttered a few simple words. “Xi-er likes peace. Disperse.”


Despite the ordinary words, everyone rapidly cleared out when they felt his intense aura, wiping the sweat from their foreheads as they did so.


Su Miao looked at the empty courtyard, then gingerly looked at Pei Qianhao. 


It was totally useless when I tried to use a broom to chase them away, but Prince Hao immediately had everyone leaving with a few words! He’s amazing! Su Miao’s eyes were filled with admiration.


Pei Qianhao grabbed Su Xi-er’s hand. “You don’t have to be polite when dealing with people who possess a nasty character.”


Su Xi-er softly chuckled. “I have never been polite when it comes to these kinds of people.” She turned to look at Su Miao. “Let’s go and check on your brother.”


“Okay.” Su Miao sweetly smiled. Although an incident occurred in the mountains today, I’m still very happy in general. Mum even took out some silvers she had been saving for a long time and bought some pork from the neighbouring village. We have both vegetables and meat, and Younger Cousin has returned; today is a wonderful day!


Entering the house, Su Xi-er had just reached the outer chamber when He Xiuxiu happened to walk out and see her. The latter immediately knelt down without saying a word.


Jumping in shock, Su Miao hastily went forward and supported her up. “Mum, don’t be like this. All of us have to be happy today.”


“Miaomiao, go to one side.” He Xiuxiu pushed her daughter aside. “I have let Xi-er down. I’m already very happy that she doesn’t hate me, but to think that she’s treating us so well after coming back.” The rims of her eyes involuntarily reddened.


Su Xi-er didn’t speak, as she knew that He Xiuxiu felt very apologetic. I might as well just let her use such a method to bury the hatchet. I only have Lianchen as my family in this world. As long as my relatives have a conscience, I can choose to forget the past grudges.


Perhaps the original Su Xi-er would also have thought like this. After all, blood is thicker than water. It’s thanks to the fate accumulated from our past lives that we are able to become relatives in this lifetime.


“Xi-er, I am happy that you are doing so well now. I originally wanted to stop your father back then, but I really wasn’t able to. Your mother was very kind, and it was out of a lack of choice that she had to marry your father back then.” She then sighed deeply before kowtowing as she spoke again. “Xi-er, I am sorry.”


Su Miao was so anxious that tears flowed out of her eyes. “Mum, don’t be like this.”


Su Xi-er went forward and squatted down, looking at He Xiuxiu with a calm expression. “Second Aunt, let bygones be bygones. Please don’t blame me for not inviting you all to my wedding.”


“How could I blame you? You are Princess Consort Hao; if we had turned up, we would have made you lose face.” He Xiuxiu’s face was full of sincerity. The more she looked at Su Xi-er, the more guilt ate at her heart.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “All of you, just get up. It should be a happy occasion when family members reunite.” His cold voice and unperturbed visage scared He Xiuxiu to the point that her tears stopped.


It was already considered fortunate that Pei Qianhao could speak to these ‘relatives’ in a calm manner. There’s no medicine for regret in the world; there’s no denying that they have made mistakes. I can only say that my Xi-er is too kind.


It was at this moment that the imperial physician[1] happened to walk out, bowing when he spotted Pei Qianhao. “The patient’s condition is already stabilised. It’s not a major illness; the only problem was that there were no medicinal herbs available. This humble subject has written some prescriptions, and the medicine has already been prepared. The patient will be able to recover after drinking them for two months. After that, he just has to make sure to stay properly nourished.”

1. The author wrote ‘Imperial Physician Zhao’, but I believe it’s just an imperial physician as Imperial Physician Zhao is supposed to be waiting to treat Xie Yun.

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