Su Miao cast a glance at the Village Chief. Younger Cousin doesn’t like to show off, so I can’t reveal her identity. 


Hence, she immediately replied, “Village Chief, don’t block the entrance of my house anymore. My parents are very busy and don’t have the time to entertain all of you. As for which noble young master he is, I don’t know, and my younger cousin didn’t tell me either.”


Among the villagers, there was a tactless married woman who coldly snorted. “When they were in dire straits in the past, they would always address us as ‘Aunt’ and ‘Old Uncle’. Now that Su Xi-er has forged a connection with a major family, they are looking down on all the villagers here.”


Many people concurred. “Exactly, they have forgotten their roots. Su Xi-er didn’t even send wedding sweets when she got married.[1]. If she hadn’t returned, all of us would have assumed that she was dead.”


“Now, she’s come back to flaunt her new status, even returning in such a large carriage. Given that even Su Miao has become arrogant, it’s clear that Su Xi-er isn’t just wealthy.”


Although Willow Village was 20 kilometres away from the capital, most of its inhabitants had never left the village, resulting in them being more narrow-minded. Willow Village was already considered poor by normal standards, but the villagers themselves didn’t share such sentiments.


Su Miao listened to all the outrageous comments, her temper flaring up. It would be one thing if they were all talking like this on a normal day, but Younger Cousin has just returned home after being gone for so long. Despite this, so many of them are already digging up matters of the past. How can I not be angry?!


Su Miao decided to throw caution to the wind as she picked up a broom in the courtyard and flung it at the married woman who had started the commotion. “Who told you to speak?! Shut your mouth! Quickly leave and never come to my house again!”


The married woman tried to dodge, but she was limited in where she could go with the number of people around her.  As a result, she could only bite her lips in pain and glare at Su Miao when the broom hit her legs. “Lass, you have no upbringing! Your second aunt seduced another man, and not only is your mouth is good for poisonous remarks, you’re also so ugly that you’ll never be able to get married in this lifetime!”


The married woman’s voice was resounding despite the caustic remarks. However, right after the words left her mouth, the door to the Su Family’s house opened with a creak. Su Xi-er came walking out, stunning everyone with her resplendent appearance as strands of hair fluttered beside her cheeks.


Although her footsteps were light, the slow cadence of her footsteps combined with her elegant aura evoked a sense of awe within the other villagers. Even the married woman who was making a fuss was silenced as she looked at Su Xi-er with wide eyes.


Most of the villagers had only caught a glance of Su Xi-er when she entered the village, and so this could be considered their first time truly seeing her. Apart from her obvious beauty, she also gave off an inexplicable feeling that had their legs trembling.


Su Xi-er looked at the masses with a smile, and addressed them in an unhurried manner. “To say someone has no upbringing, yet you stand in front of my Su Family’s household and hurl expletives at its owner… I really have to wonder: How did you manage to get married?” Her gaze landed on the woman who had been speaking. Her voice was quiet, but her gaze was enough to have her opposition breaking out in a cold sweat.


“I don’t wish to be strangers with everyone after not seeing each other for so many years, so I hope that you can use their conscience and speak with common sense. However, if you insist on spewing out obscenities and offending me… Please don’t blame me for what happens.” Su Xi-er’s smile never left her face, but the frigid tone she spoke with was unmistakable.


The Village Chief repeatedly nodded in fright, and didn’t dare to utter a single word of objection.


“Elder Cousin, let’s go back in and forget about this.” Su Xi-er took Su Miao’s hand and pulled her inside.


Watching them walk back in, the villagers inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. However, just as they began to relax, another person came out from the entrance.

1. I couldn’t find any good images of the ones in the past, so here’s a modern version.

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