Perhaps some people are meant to be pure. Let her stay clean then. After this encounter, I’ve decided that I won’t make use of her, even if she is related to Su Xi-er. I’ll let her continue with her own path, and I with mine.


Xie Yun let out a breath of air, simply lying on the open field for a moment. The medicinal herbs were doing their work, and he could slowly feel strength returning to his body. Once he felt sufficiently ready, he got up and began his long trudge down the mountain.


When he reached the foot of the mountain, he immediately saw Yuchi Mo. This person is Prince Hao’s subordinate; he must have come here under Prince Hao’s orders.


Xie Yun knew why Pei Qianhao didn’t directly kill him. He is still a little fearful of me because soldiers are the most loyal to their master.


I hold military power in my hands, so even if I have lost a portion of my soldiers, the remainder of my forces is still significant. Until he’s completely destroyed any influence I have, Pei Qianhao won’t be killing me anytime soon.


Ever since Pei Qianhao and I rose to power with our respective military forces, the two of us have been enemies. The only way to resolve this hostility would have been to let my younger sister become Princess Consort Hao, yet he stubbornly insisted on marrying Su Xi-er.


Since that’s the case, then only one of us can remain standing.


Yuchi Mo moved forward and deferentially gestured at Xie Yun, instructing two Imperial Army guards in the process. “Support the Commandery Prince up the carriage.” He then turned to Xie Yun. “Imperial Physician Zhao is already waiting in the Commandery Prince Residence to treat you as soon as possible.”


Xie Yun briefly glanced at Yuchi Mo, but didn’t say anything as he let the two guards help him board the carriage. Yuchi Mo has long become Pei Qianhao’s dog; I don’t have to bother with him.




Meanwhile, in Willow Village, almost all the villagers had come to the Su Family’s home; even those who were unable to enter were watching from outside. These were the same people who, in the past, wouldn’t even deign to enter the Su Family Residence. They would say that the Su Family’s second son had married a woman who would have an affair in one moment, then say that the woman had decent looks in another.


Such gossip died down not long after Su Xi-er had disappeared, but they soon evolved into comments about how impoverished the Su Family was.


However, none of those gossipers could say anything right now. In fact, they could only watch with shock and envy as a luxurious horse carriage remained parked behind the Su Family’s courtyard.


A dignified and outstanding man with unparalleled looks alighted the carriage, his eyes cold to the point of frightening others. His disposition was filled with an unyielding spirit that pushed others away. Subsequently, a woman also walked down from the carriage, causing the villagers’ eyes to widen as their hearts wildly thumped against their chest.


Even if many years had passed, they could still recognise Su Xi-er. She always looked pretty, even when she was young, and now that she has grown up... Look at that figure, that skin, and that face! It makes women go screaming in envy, and men’s hearts to go helter-skelter like a cantering horse!


The people standing outside the courtyard began whispering, “Which wealthy family’s younger master did that little beauty Su Xi-er seduce after leaving the village?”


A robust man suddenly patted the shoulder of the person who spoke and cautiously advised, “It was fine for you to spout nonsense in the past, but how can you mouth off now? A single glance is enough to tell that the gentleman over there is a puissant figure; don’t throw your life away!”


“She has already gone in, so it doesn’t matter if we chat privately. Su Xi-er has become an amazing beauty, just like her mother was. She need only move her finger to bait a man, and that powerful gentleman must have fallen into her trap.” Right as that remark left the person’s mouth, the door to the Su Family’s house opened with a creak.


Su Miao looked at the masses, dislike flickering past her eyes for a moment before she smiled at the villagers. “Everyone, please don’t block the area outside my house anymore. None of you usually come, and my younger cousin doesn’t like it when everybody crowds around.” She waved her hand, and announced in a firmer tone.


The Village Chief stood in the courtyard and smiled as he replied, “Su Xi-er hasn’t been back for many years, and when she finally did return, she came in such a spacious horse carriage. Which noble family’s young master did she marry?”

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