A different emotion began to take root in Xie Yun’s heart, and he turned away to gaze at the blue sky as Zhen Yu picked the thorns out of his skin. He could feel the soft brush of her hands against his abdomen as she carried out her task.


It’s the first time that I’ve felt such warmth after Prince Father died many years ago, and to think it’s from a woman that I’m meeting for the first time.


Xie Yun harboured such an emotion all the way until Zhen Yu finished pulling out the thorns.


“Mister, I’ll apply some cooling medicinal herbs for you.” Zhen Yu stowed away the small pliers into the pouch at her waist, then took out some herbs from her wicker basket and squeezed the extract on Xie Yun’s abdominal area.


“I don’t have any gauze with me, so I can only…”


Before she could finish speaking, Xie Yun tore off a strip of cloth from the hem of his clothes and passed it to her. “Just use this for the bandage.”


Zhen Yu looked at his placid expression, then at the cloth strip in his hand. Finally, she took it and smeared the herbs on his abdomen before tying it up with the cloth strip.


After tying the cloth into a knot behind him, Zhen Yu tried to stand up to retrieve her wicker basket. However, after squatting for such a long time, her legs had become numb, and she quickly lost her balance.


Acting in the nick of time, Xie Yun immediately turned around and wrapped his right arm around her waist. However, his injury prevented him from exerting enough strength to stop their fall. Thus, he could only fall with her.


As he fell, Xie Yun realised that his lips would meet with Zhen Yu’s if they were to continue at this angle. He swiftly used his left hand to prop himself up, and made sure his body didn’t touch hers.


Zhen Yu was scared to the point that she used her hands to cover her lips. I have never been like this with any man. I mustn’t let other men kiss me. My kiss, my body, and my everything have to be given to Brother Hu.


Regardless of whether other people think I’m childish and obstinate, I still trust in that promise from back then. I won’t give up on him until the day I die.


Xie Yun got up with an awkward expression, but still politely said, “I’m sorry.”


He could discern the panic in her eyes. A young lady values her chaste reputation; she probably hasn’t been engaged.


Zhen Yu quickly crawled up and sat on the ground in a daze. It was only after a long while that she managed to calm down, replying, “You didn’t do it on purpose either, so let’s not take it to heart. Mister, since your family will be coming soon, I’ll be leaving.” 


She stood up and went over to pick up her wicker basket. I have spent too much time here; the carriage driver who’s waiting at the base of the other mountain will start to get anxious.


Seeing that she was about to leave, Xie Yun immediately asked, “Miss, what’s your name?”


Zhen Yu smiled. “One doesn’t leave a name when doing good deeds. You don’t have to care about that, Mister.” She then walked off with her wicker basket without sparing him another glance.


Xie Yun stared at the medicinal herbs in her swaying wicker basket. Even if she doesn’t tell me, I will still find out. She’s been taken in by Mei Jinxiu, and is being taught to become a female healer.


However, as soon as he remembered that she was closely related to Su Xi-er, Xie Yun’s eyes furrowed. 


Why must she be acquainted with Su Xi-er? When she smiles, her eyes are clean and unadulterated. Even when she didn’t know me, she still earnestly helped me remove the thorns; her earnest image only makes her seem purer.


All clean things have to be ruined. It was the case for Tan Ge, and the same for many women in the palace. However, this woman who didn’t leave her name behind…

It was the first time he had felt a trace of reluctance. I can’t bear to destroy that purity of hers.

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