Pei Qianhao supported Su Xi-er up the carriage before taking a step back, watching Su Miao board before he followed behind her.


Once everyone had settled themselves in the carriage, the guard leapt onto the driver’s seat and stroked the mane of the horse to pacify it. A short while later, he cracked the horsewhip and began to descend the mountain, straight towards Willow Village.




Meanwhile, Xie Yun could be found lying amongst the poisonous plants at one of the mountain slopes. His clothes were dishevelled and had been torn up by his tumble down the slope, and the body had been cut up by the poisonous thorns of the surrounding plants; it made for a very sorry sight.


The man ran his left hand through his hair, but it only served to remind him of the throbbing pain in his other hand, especially in his index finger.


He was aware that popping his dislocated wrist back in was a small matter, but that his broken index finger could be completely crippled if it wasn’t properly treated in time.


A trace of determination emerged in Xie Yun’s eyes. He then looked at his dislocated wrist before setting his left hand over it.


Kerchak! With a burst of force, he popped the bone back to its original position. Immediately after, he tried to stand up and shakily made his way out of the undergrowth. The thorns only stabbed deeper into his flesh as he walked, but he paid it no mind, only increasing his pace.


As soon as he reached an area of empty land, his body gave out, and he immediately collapsed to the ground.


Xie Yun gritted his teeth and inhaled a deep breath of air before he tried to move his limbs again. This time, he found the pain to be much more excruciating, and decided that his only choice was to rest for a while before making any plans. 


I have suffered many hardships and been injured countless times. This little bit of pain doesn’t mean anything to me.


I was too careless in dealing with Pei Qianhao this time. The loss of my soldiers clouded my mind with hatred, and I was too hasty to make a move against Su Xi-er when I returned to the capital. I didn’t think things through properly, and I definitely repeat the same mistake in the future! I have much reflection to do. I must be sure to carefully analyse the situation and plan my next steps in the future.


I will definitely make sure Prince Hao suffers a huge blow next time!


With pain coursing through his whole body, Xie Yun decided that he had little choice but to simply lie on the ground and wait for the pain to subside.


Yet, not long after he decided to do so, he heard the sounds of footsteps nearby. Not long after, a woman’s voice rang out. “Why is there someone lying there? Are they dead?”


Xie Yun heard the footsteps getting closer, but he was too exhausted and didn’t want to open his eyes. Besides, I doubt that this woman is of any threat to me, so it shouldn’t matter.


The woman was carrying a wicker basket, and she squatted down beside Xie Yun to place her finger under his nose before heaving a sigh of relief. “Alive.”


Things soon quieted down again, but despite the silence, Xie Yun knew that the woman hadn’t left yet.


After a while longer, the woman spoke again. “He must have tumbled down from the mountain and passed out. It won’t do for him to keep lying here; the frigid winter weather will only exacerbate his condition.”


Xie Yun heard the woman mumbling non-stop as he lied on the ground. Why isn’t she leaving yet? So noisy.


“Mister, I’ll take a look at your injuries.” The woman muttered to herself before reaching out her hand to lift his outer and inner shirt.


Xie Yun immediately opened his eyes, coldness emanating from them as he grasped the woman’s hand. “Impudent!”


The woman saw the many dots of blood along his abdomen where the thorns had dug into his skin, and immediately turned to look him in the eyes. “Sorry to have offended you, but you’re hurt, and you need to get the thorns taken out.”

Xie Yun found the woman before him very familiar. She’s the woman who was very familiar with Su Xi-er in front of the Prince Hao Residence the other day. 

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