Upon witnessing Su Xi-er catch the arrow in a practised motion, the guard’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.


Isn’t she supposed to be a weak woman? Why is she so formidable?! 


Rather than being shocked by the sudden rain of arrows, the guard was shocked by Su Xi-er instead!


Does Prince Hao know that the Princess Consort is so capable?


The next moment, the guard felt a rush of wind blow past him as Su Xi-er flung the arrow in her hands right back into the undergrowth. Almost immediately, they heard a groan of a man, followed by the sound of a person collapsing to the ground. The same cycle repeated several times until finally, 10 bodies collapsed to the ground.


However, just as it seemed to end, another round of movement stirred up the leaves in the undergrowth. The guard was thrown into another panic.


Another group is coming right after we finished dealing with one? Regardless of how good our combat skills are, we will still die of exhaustion!


After a series of noises, they suddenly heard the cacophony of weapons clashing. The guard’s eyes were filled with bewilderment as he immediately turned to look at Su Xi-er, only to see her figure disappearing into the woods. 


The guard’s breathing hitched, and his eyes stared ahead blankly. What...what kind of situation is this?!


No matter how adroit the Princess Consort is, she will still lose out in strength as a woman. If Prince Hao finds out that I failed to protect her well, he will definitely punish me!


The guard hastened his pace as he swiftly entered the woods. Only when he discovered the identity of the people fighting in the woods did he become relieved.


So the latest group of people are the guards from the Prince Hao Residence!


However, after answering one question, he was immediately presented with another. It appears that Prince Hao has already predicted everything, but where is he? He should already be aware of the Princess Consort’s skills, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let her personally enter the fray!


His heart kept palpitating at this thought. This won’t do, I need some time to digest such mind-blowing news!


He tried to calm his rapidly beating heart as he walked. By the time he found Su Xi-er, he also noticed Pei Qianhao standing in a field facing Xie Yun. Neither of them bothered with words, only eyeing the other as the air filled with murderous intent.


Not daring to make move a single inch, the guard could only make this breathing shallower while standing there as the wind blew past, creating a rustling of leaves that only heightened the perilous feeling that covered the area. He was very clear on one thing: the aura that Pei Qianhao was currently giving off was the same as if he was leading a battalion of soldiers onto a treacherous battlefield!


Now that Commandery Prince Xie has completely offended Prince Hao, he can’t avoid being punished.


Su Xi-er stared ahead at the two men who were still stuck in a deadlock, each trying to use their gaze to psyche out the other party.


The wind suddenly picked up, and Pei Qianhao’s gaze immediately became harsh as he ran forward. His hand was outstretched, clearly planning to land on Xie Yun.


In response, Xie Yun took out a folding fan[1] from his sleeve to receive the attack. Su Xi-er’s eyes locked onto the fan, finding the frame to be very strange. 


Upon closer inspection, she found that it was actually made from human bones!


Xie Yun! I didn’t expect him to possess such a wicked weapon.


Afterwards, Su Xi-er calmly admired her husband’s heroic disposition. His moves are nimble and vicious, yet, they do not carry any risk to the other party’s life.


She then shifted her attention back to Xie Yun. He stays calm when facing his enemy, constantly waving his fan around in a calm manner as if this is a simple matter.


She naturally believed in her own husband, but she didn’t have much patience. Hence, Su Xi-er swiftly picked up a stone from the ground. Narrowing her eyes, the corners of her mouth curled up as she whipped it through the air, aiming at a vital point on Xie Yun’s body.

1. You would probably have seen this in Chinese historical dramas. Apparently, it is quite common to see characters fighting with their folding fans.

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