Xie Yun picked up the teacup and took a small sip before replying. “Prince Hao is not the only attentive man. When you have much power in your hands, you naturally have to be bolder and more attentive.”

Su Miao felt that there was something strange about their conversation, but she didn’t understand the implication-laden interactions of nobles. 

However, he clearly tried to touch Younger Cousin when she passed the teacup to him. But...isn’t he a good person? Was it by accident, or on purpose?

Su Miao furrowed her brows as she mulled over it.

Su Xi-er asked, “Elder Cousin, what’s wrong? Why are you suddenly frowning?”

Having been used to staying in a family of farmers, Su Miao’s personality was straightforward as she glanced at Xie Yun. “My younger cousin is already married. You are a good person, so you can’t cause her to have to drown in a pig cage.”

Suddenly, a cold and deep male voice rang out. “What do you mean by drowning in a pig cage?”

The three of them lifted their heads to see Prince Hao walking over.

Su Miao immediately became frightened as she repeatedly shook her head. “I was randomly shooting my mouth off. Please don’t pay any heed to it, Prince Hao.”

Su Xi-er stood up and went over to hold Pei Qianhao’s hand. “I believe it is just a misunderstanding.” She then looked at Xie Yun. “Commandery Prince, wouldn’t you say so?”

Xie Yun looked in Su Xi-er’s direction and smiled. "This Prince naturally understands that your younger cousin is married, and I'm absolutely delighted about that. Why would I cause her to drown in a pig cage? Come to think of it, why did you suddenly mention a pig cage? Could it be that…" He didn't continue, believing that Su Miao would definitely understand.

As expected, Su Miao's face paled as she immediately waved her hand. "I misunderstood. Please don't think too much, Commandery Prince"

If others find out that Younger Cousin's mother did something bad, it would be detrimental to Younger Cousin's chaste reputation. Moreover, people would think 'like mother, like daughter', and it would be deleterious for her.

Xie Yun placed the teacup down and stood up. "The wedding gift has already been delivered. Since my younger sister isn’t feeling well, this Prince will take my leave for now."

"This Prince will see you off." It was Pei Qianhao's first time speaking to Xie Yun in such a genial manner, his sudden change in attitude eliciting Xie Yun’s suspicion.

"Commandery Prince, please." Pei Qianhao politely said as he extended his hand forward.

Xie Yun nodded. "I'll have to trouble you then, Prince Hao." He then walked away with Pei Qianhao closely following behind.

Su Miao nervously shot up from the chair. "Younger Cousin, did I say something wrong? I seemed to have seen the Commandery Prince trying to touch your hand just now."

"You must have seen wrongly. He's a good person; how could he possibly do such a filthy thing?" Despite Su Xi-er's smile, her eyes hid a meaningful look.

Not only did he take some information from Su Miao, Xie Yun even dared to behave so atrociously on Prince Hao’s territory. Should we consider this to be his warning? That he will pay back his losses tenfold?

Su Xi-er's eyes darkened at this possibility, frightening Su Miao even more.

"Younger Cousin, I'm scared."

"Don't be scared; we’ll head to Willow Village tomorrow morning to check on your elder brother." Su Xi-er stowed away the solemn look in her eyes and comforted Su Miao by patting her shoulder.

Soon, Pei Qianhao returned to the main hall, and Su Miao was tactful enough to leave the two of them by themselves.

If not for the fact that we have something already planned for tomorrow, I would have punished Xie Yun on the spot.

"He almost touched my…"

Before she could complete her sentence, Pei Qianhao's expression had already turned stormy, and a murderous intent practically radiated from his eyes.

She immediately went forward to hug him. "He almost touched me. I'm fine, how could I have let him succeed?"

"Which hand of his almost touched you?" The vicious look in Pei Qianhao's eyes remained strong as his voice deepened.

"Are you going to chop off his right hand?"

Pei Qianhao's expression became calm once again. "He wields much military power, so he can't die. For the time being, I'll let him lie in bed for a few months and chop off his right index finger. You will board a horse carriage and head to Willow Village first thing tomorrow. This Prince will follow later on."

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