Su Miao gazed at Xie Yun’s smiling eyes.

Although he’s the Commandery Prince, he doesn’t put on any airs at all. He didn’t look down on me for being from a poor family, and he didn’t even pretend to not see me when I recognised him. Instead, he warmly greeted me and asked how I was doing.

Even now, he’s checking on me out of concern; he’s truly a good person.

The more Su Miao was caught up in her thoughts, the more she couldn’t help but smile. Her ordinary appearance now the picture of an adorable girl.

However, no matter how pure she was, Xie Yun wouldn’t let his heart soften. His principle was that the ends justified the means.

Besides, I like ruining everything pure the most. Since they will be going to Willow Village tomorrow, I must properly make use of this chance.

“Commandery Prince, you really are a good person. Thank you.” Su Miao sincerely thanked him with a wide smile.

Xie Yun waved his hand. “Miss Su, you don’t have to thank this Prince. I simply passed by Willow Village and happened to see you. Are you and the Princess Consort the only ones going to Willow Village tomorrow?”

“Younger Cousin promised to go with me, but I don’t know whether Prince Hao will be coming along. However, considering his noble background, visiting a place as desolate and rural as Willow Village will only taint his status.” Su Miao’s expression was one of tired acceptance. 

Even the people in Willow Village don’t deign to go to my house.

Having seen it before, Xie Yun naturally knew how dilapidated it was. I’m afraid the roof will be caving in soon if they continue to leave it as it is.

“Miss Su, your family is the Princess Consort’s maiden family. With how much Prince Hao dotes on the Princess Consort, how could he possibly disdain her maiden family?”

Su Miao lifted her head to look at him, the sunlight that showered his body making it look like he was glowing. “Commandery Prince, you are truly a good person.” 

Although the village teacher had taught her how to use other words, the only ones that would come to mind right now were ‘good person’.

Xie Yun smiled, but kept silent. 

It’s the first time someone has emphasised again and again that I’m a good person. However, how would I still be alive if that was the case?

At this moment, a woman’s laughter could be heard. “The Commandery Prince and my elder cousin are enjoying conversing with one another.” Su Xi-er commented as she walked in. Ruo Yuan followed behind her with a tray of freshly boiled tea.

Xie Yun took out a small box from his sleeve and passed it to Su Xi-er. “A luminous night pearl from the Southern Sea; your wedding gift. I hope you won’t disdain it, Princess Consort.”

When Su Xi-er opened the box, the bluish-green luminous night pearl that was exquisitely made was a sight to behold. Having never seen such a thing before, even she was briefly dazzled.

“I like it so much; how could I possibly disdain it? Ruo Yuan, keep it well; place it in the main courtyard.” Su Xi-er closed the box and passed it to Ruo Yuan.

“This servant obeys the order.” Ruo Yuan respectfully took the box and bowed before leaving the main hall.

Xie Yun watched Ruo Yuan as she left. “This lass looks thinner than she was in the Palace Side Quarters.”

“Commandery Prince, I couldn’t tell that you are so attentive and your observation skills were so acute; she has indeed become thinner since leaving the Palace Side Quarters.” Su Xi-er remarked as she poured a cup of tea for Xie Yun.

The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth curled up as he raised his hand and purposely tried to touch Su Xi-er’s hand. Just as he was about to touch her, however, Su Xi-er retracted her hand. If it wasn’t for Xie Yun’s fast reflexes, the teacup would have fallen to the ground.

“Commandery Prince, you should make a trip to the Imperial Physician institute and let the imperial physicians prescribe you something for your hands and legs.” Su Xi-er smiled as she sat back on the main seat.

To dare to take advantage of me, you really have a lot of guts!

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It’s the first time someone has emphasised again and again that I’m a good person. However, how would I still be alive if that was the case?

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