His words caused her to give him the cold shoulder. "Second Imperial Prince, please have more propriety when you speak. They will be your future-in-laws, and their decline isn’t something glorious for you to flout."


Situ Rong coldly harrumphed. "This Prince won't marry you, yet you're already mentioning future in-laws. Forget it, since you want to make connections with Princess Consort Hao to climb up, this Prince won't disturb you anymore. I'll be taking my leave." He then turned to walk out of the tavern.


Su Miao kept staring at his garish clothing until he left, not understanding why a mature man like him would want to wear such colourful attire.


"Princess Consort Hao, please have a seat inside." Mu Qingyu moved to the side, sincerely inviting Su Xi-er.


Seeing her amiable expression and courteous manners, Su Xi-er nodded and walked in with Su Miao following behind.


After the door was closed, Mu Qingyu looked at Su Xi-er. "Princess Consort, I beg of you to help me persuade Consort Dowager Guo not to settle on this marriage."


Su Xi-er was a little baffled. She claimed that she wouldn't step forth, but she's now taking the initiative to bring this up.


"To be honest, the Second Imperial Prince has a carefree and straightforward character, and he has no plans on getting married. If I marry him, it'll just be like what he said: leading a tough life as a grass widow. I may as well just let him go if that is the case; but because of my parents, I can’t be the one to speak up." Mu Qingyu slowly explained.


Su Miao suddenly said, "That's why even though you like that man from just now, you can't let him know?" To love him so cautiously; why does it feel so sorrowful?


Su Xi-er carefully observed Mu Qingyu's countenance, noticing that her eyes darkened for a moment before her expression returned to normal. 


I understand now, but I can't promise her.


"Young Miss Mu, I'm sorry, but I can't interfere in this matter; it should be settled between the two of you. Su Miao, let's go." Su Xi-er stood up and left the room without sparing My Qingyu a glance.


Su Miao tugged at Su Xi-er's sleeve. "Younger Cousin, why didn't you agree to help?"


"There are some things that are better settled by yourself. When will you be returning to Willow Village?"


"Prince Hao sent some people to Willow Village today. I originally wanted to go with them, but considering that we haven't seen one another for so many years, I decided that I would leave tomorrow instead."


Su Xi-er nodded. "That works too. I will go with you tomorrow."


Su Miao's eyes lit up. "Really?"


"Mmm." Su Xi-er entered another private room and ordered a few dishes, partaking of a meal with Su Miao.


Only when the red sunset glow covered half the sky did the two return to the Prince Hao Residence. Upon reaching the entrance, they saw an uninvited guest - Xie Yun.


Su Miao was stunned before she greeted him, "Mister."


Xie Yun nodded with a smile before looking towards Su Xi-er. "Princess Consort Hao, this Prince has personally come to deliver the luminous night pearl."


"Many thanks. Why don't you come in to have a seat?" Su Xi-er invited him in with a smile.


"With such a sincere invitation, this Prince must naturally oblige."


"Commandery Prince, please." Su Xi-er’s smiling facade hid the sneer in her heart. 


I was only afraid that you wouldn't come!


Soon, the three reached the main hall, and Su Xi-er instructed Ruo Yuan to prepare some tea. After a while, she deliberately pretended to go to the rear kitchen to check on Ruo Yuan’s progress.


As such, only Su Miao and Xie Yun were left in the main hall.


Xie Yun wore a gentle smile as he remarked, “I heard that Prince Hao has already sent people to Willow Village. Your elder brother will be able to recover very soon.”


“Thank you; if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have known that Younger Cousin became Princess Consort Hao. I originally thought that I wouldn’t be able to see her, and was planning to go to Mei’s Medical Clinic to seek Physician Mei for help.”


“Didn’t you manage to find her in the end? Princess Consort Hao is kind and treats you extremely well.”


Su Miao’s eyebrows were raised in a smile as she vigorously nodded. “Younger Cousin is indeed very nice. She told me today that she will return to Willow Village with me tomorrow.”


“Oh, is that so?” Despite his smile, there was a darker meaning hidden within Xie Yun’s eyes.

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