Su Xi-er and Su Miao had just gone up to the second floor of the tavern when they heard a man’s laughter, and they soon realised that it belonged to Situ Rong.


“Mu Qingyu, Imperial Mother took a liking to you, and wants to match you with this Prince. However, you should know that this Prince is idle and untalented; there will only be hardships ahead of you if you follow me. Since the marriage will be decided upon soon, you should come forth to refuse it.”


The gentle voice of a woman sounded. “Second Imperial Prince, I won’t step forth.”


“What? Mu Qingyu, it can’t be that you fancy this Prince and insist on marrying me, right?” Situ Rong’s face was full of incredulity as he clicked his tongue. How can I not know what kind of person Mu Qingyu is? She’s innately cold and aloof, and very few men can enter her eyes.


“What difference does it make whether I say yes or no? Second Imperial Prince, if this is what you came to tell me, you might as well return to the palace.”


When Su Xi-er heard her response, she felt that the woman called Mu Qingyu had quite a character. She’s neither servile nor overbearing, and strikes a balance between being gentle yet firm.


Su Miao asked, “Younger Cousin, who’s Mu Qingyu? And who is the Second Imperial Prince?”


The people inside the private room noticed the noise from outside, and soon, the door opened with a creak. When Situ Rong saw the woman standing at the doorway, his eyes widened. 


Princess Consort Hao! Hold on, who’s the woman beside her?


Upon seeing a man in garish clothing, Su Miao was so shocked that her eyes widened, and her mouth hung agape.


Situ Rong looked towards Su Miao and softly chuckled. “Do you really have to be so shocked when you see this Prince?”


“No no, you have misunderstood. I…” Su Miao frantically tried to explain, but didn’t know where to begin.


Su Xi-er peered into the room, noticing a woman with a silver hairpin holding her bun together. She was slowly sipping at the tea in her hands with a graceful air about her.


It was at this moment that Mu Qingyu raised her head, her gaze meeting with Su Xi-er’s. Her eyes immediately filled with curiosity as her brows knitted together. Finally, Mu Qingyu stood up and walked towards the door.


Thinking that she was approaching him, Situ Rong rapidly turned, his eyes landing on Su Miao.


This woman came at just the right time!


Without a word, he immediately pulled Su Miao into his embrace. Receiving a huge shock, Su Miao struggled to break free.


Situ Rong lowered his voice. “Don’t move; cooperate with me for a while, and I will be sure to repay you with many benefits in the future.” He then smiled at Mu Qingyu. “Young Miss Mu, this Prince already has someone I like. If you don’t step forth to refuse the wedding, this Prince will be the one to do so. If you want to preserve your reputation, you should just let us be.”


He initially thought that Mu Qingyu would reply to him, but was left dumbfounded as she ignored his words and looked towards Su Xi-er. “You are Princess Consort Hao?”


Her response was tantamount to a slap to Situ Rong’s face. Su Miao fiercely struggled in his arms and immediately ran to Su Xi-er’s side after breaking away. “I don’t know you. Don’t ruin my chaste reputation.”


Once again, Situ Rong felt as if he had received a resounding slap to his face, leaving him with not even a modicum of reputation to speak of.


Su Xi-er turned to Mu Qingyu and nodded. “That’s right.”


The corners of Mu Qingyu’s mouth were slightly raised as her eyes filled with admiration. “Your reputation precedes you, but I have only managed to meet you in person today. I am the daughter of the Minister of the Court of Judicial Review. It’s a pleasure to…”


Situ Rong cut her off with an annoyed expression. “I couldn’t tell that you were someone who clung onto others to climb up. Is it because you feel like the Mu Residence is going to decline soon?”

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