Only after confirming that there was no visible reaction from Su Xi-er did Su Miao continue. “Please don’t blame my mum. She was indeed in the wrong back then, but she has changed a lot in the years since. Our lives are getting worse by the day; in the past, we still had…”


Su Xi-er interrupted with a smile. “You don’t have to bring up the matters of the past anymore. I don’t have a good memory, and I don’t remember it.”


Su Miao understood her intentions, but just as she was about to reply, the carriage stopped, and the guard’s respectful voice rang out.


“We have arrived at the tavern.”


Su Xi-er pushed aside the door curtain and alighted, with Su Miao following behind.


Coincidentally, Xie Yun was walking out of the same tavern; his eyes lit up when he spotted Su Miao.


On the other hand, Su Miao’s eyes widened, and she immediately rushed forward to greet him. “Mister.” Just as he said, I would be able to see him as long as I entered the capital.


Xie Yun didn’t expect that she would call out to him in front of Su Xi-er. Before he could collect his thoughts, Su Xi-er had already made her way over.


“Commandery Prince, my elder cousin seems to know you. How are the two of you acquainted?”


Su Miao’s face was full of smiles. “This was the gentleman who came to Willow Village and informed me that you had become Princess Consort Hao. He told me to come and look for you since you might be able to save Elder Brother.”


“Oh, I see, so that’s how it was.” Su Xi-er feigned surprise at the realisation before smiling. “I couldn’t have guessed that the first thing Commandery Prince Xie would do after returning to the capital is worry about the members of my maiden family. Should I be thanking you?”


Although his plan had gone wrong, Xie Yun wasn’t thrown off, and his tone remained gentle. “This Prince didn’t manage to attend the wedding between you and Prince Hao due to some urgent matters, and I would like to express my regrets. I’ve already prepared a superior luminous night pearl that will arrive at your residence by today. As for the matter of meeting your elder cousin, it’s simply because this Prince coincidentally passed by Willow Village.”


“Regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, Commandery Prince, I still have to thank you. I’ll be the host today, so why don’t we go to the tavern?” Su Xi-er pointed towards the tavern.


Xie Yun waved his hand. “My younger sister hasn’t been feeling well over the past few days. This Prince has to go back and check on her, so I won’t be able to accompany you for a meal, Princess Consort. I will be taking my leave then.” He gently smiled at Su Miao before turning to leave.


Coupled with his smiling visage and gentle aura, Su Miao couldn’t help but fall into a daze as she watched him walk away.


To think that there’s such a man in this world.


Su Xi-er could naturally discern her expression. For people unfamiliar with Xie Yun, they would only get the impression that he’s an elegant and refined gentleman. Just the fact that he was able to win over Su Miao with a smile is proof of this. However, even if I revealed his true nature to her, she wouldn’t believe me. I also need him to try to use her for our plans to work anyways.


“Come, follow me.” Su Xi-er reached out her hand to pull at Su Miao, leading her into the tavern in a very intimate manner.


After making some distance, Xie Yun turned around and watched them entering the tavern. Su Miao is much more useful than Tan Ge, but I won’t threaten her. I just have to coax and deceive her a little, and she’ll inadvertently inform me of some matters.


The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth were curled up as a glint flickered past his eyes. Then, he boarded the horse carriage back to the Commandery Prince Residence.


His personal bodyguard came to report, “Commandery Prince, there are two important matters.”


Already seated in the horse carriage, Xie Yun pulled the curtain open and softly instructed, “Shoot.”


“The Empress Dowager has gone missing from the temple in the mountain, and we still couldn’t locate her after combing through the entire area. She wasn’t even at the village near the base of the mountain. Furthermore, Prince Hao’s subordinates have been secretly searching for her as well.”


Xie Yun nodded. Since Pei Yaran no longer has any use, there’s no need to care even if she has disappeared.


“Commandery Prince, the second matter is that Tan Ge has gone missing.”


Xie Yun furrowed his brows. “When did you discover her missing?”


“This subordinate isn’t sure about the exact time, but by the time the covert guards verified that she was missing, it was already 8 am.”


“Swiftly dispatch personnel to search for her. After you locate her, bring her directly to the Commandery Prince Residence; there’s no need to return to the Imperial Library.” Xie Yun ordered, and put down the carriage curtain.


What an impressive Tan Ge! Not only did you ignore my instructions, you even dare to disappear on me. Just wait until I find you; I hate disobedient chess pieces the most. If you don’t listen to orders, there’s no need to keep you around.

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