Inside the Prince Hao Residence, the guard led Su Miao to a private room in a side courtyard. With the obvious lack of visitors, the entire area was hers alone.


Su Miao’s eyes widened, flicking back and forth multiple times before she turned to the guard and asked, “Am the only one staying here when there are so many rooms?”


“No one has stayed in the side courtyard before, but since you are the Princess Consort’s elder cousin, we naturally have to treat you with courtesy. Every room has been cleaned, so you may choose any that catches your attention.” The guard pointed in front of them.


Su Miao had already been astonished by the scenery from when she entered the Prince Hao Residence, but she received yet another shock when she suddenly heard that the whole courtyard was for her to stay in.


“It’s so big that I’m scared I won’t be used to it. Besides, I must go back within three days. Do you have a smaller room? Su Miao asked.


The guard was stunned. No one has asked such a question before. “Prince Hao has ordered for you to stay here; this subordinate can’t make any decisions. I hope you can understand.”


Su Miao softly replied with an affirmative. 


All the guards in the Prince Hao Residence obediently follow orders, and are extremely deferential towards Prince Hao. How can anyone not be impressed and pledge their allegiance to a man with that kind of aura? 


The image of Pei Qianhao’s cold appearance suddenly emerged in her mind, causing shivers to run down her spine, and she felt as if her whole body was soaked in ice-cold water.


“My elder cousin is worried about her elder brother’s condition, so she must return within three days. I have to say that I’m rather reluctant to see her leave.” A soft female voice sounded, and soon after, Su Xi-er entered the side courtyard.


The guard immediately bowed. “This subordinate pays his respects to the Princess Consort.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand and smiled. “Prepare a horse carriage at the front entrance. My elder cousin and I haven’t met for more than 10 years. I’ll be taking her out to tour the streets today.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard then bowed before leaving the side courtyard.


Su Miao looked at her smiling elder cousin. Her gaze was one of suspicion in the teahouse, but she’s now receiving me with a smiling visage. Her personality hasn’t changed much from when she was young; she will try to probe them if they’re unfamiliar, but if you gain her trust, she will definitely treat you very well.


After the guard walked out of the side courtyard, Su Miao immediately moved forward to grab Su Xi-er’s hand. “Younger Cousin, my elder brother is severely ill, so I can’t stay here for long. I must quickly go back to check on him.”


Su Xi-er squeezed her hand. “There’s no need to worry; Prince Hao has already sent someone to Willow Village. You brother will be receiving treatment by the end of today, and with the quality medicinal ingredients and medical care from the doctors in the capital, he will definitely recover. Let me take a good look at you instead. You don’t seem to have changed much, Elder Cousin.”


Even if she wasn’t the real Su Xi-er, as long as she had verified that Su Miao was her elder cousin, she could still act out her role so perfectly that no one would suspect her.


Su Miao’s eyebrows were arched as she smiled. “You’re as beautiful as you were when you were young, and I am still as ugly as I was back then.”


“Who says so? Elder Cousin, you look very pretty. Come, let’s go and tour the streets together. The horse carriage has been prepared.” Su Xi-er then intimately pulled Su Miao’s hand as she led her out of the residence.


Soon, the two boarded a carriage that was even more spacious and luxurious than the one that had brought Su Miao to the Prince Hao Residence.


“I haven’t sat in a horse carriage before; I almost can’t believe that I have the chance to sit in such a luxurious one.” Su Miao couldn’t help but exclaim.


“I’ll be taking you to a tavern today. The dishes there are pretty good.” Su Xi-er then lifted the window curtain and looked out.


Su Miao nodded. “Alright, but I’ve never been to a tavern before. I’ve only ever eaten Mum’s dishes.” When she mentioned her mother, she paused for a moment and gingerly glanced at Su Xi-er.

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