Hearing the noise, Su Miao immediately turned around to see a man entering the room while wearing black robes embroidered in gold. Every step he took was steady, and his whole body was exuding a noble aura, while his eyes, though cold, felt as if they could attract everyone’s attention over.


Su Miao was completely stunned. I have never met a man with such an intense demeanour. 


When she realised that he was walking in her direction, she was so scared that her legs trembled as she stumbled a few steps back, continuing to stare dazedly in him. Who is he?


Only when she saw the man move forward to help her younger cousin tidy up her hair did she feel that his cold aura had subsided. At the same time, Su Miao could tell exactly who he was after witnessing his intimate interaction with her younger cousin.


Prince Hao of Beimin; the man whose actions are praised by all the commoners; whose residence occupies an entire street. This is Younger Cousin’s husband.


Su Miao’s brows involuntarily furrowed. 


I’m very happy that Younger Cousin has finally managed to obtain happiness after experiencing many trials and tribulations.


Su Xi-er smiled at Pei Qianhao before she looked towards Su Miao. “Prince Hao, this is my elder cousin from Willow Village.” When she spoke, she purposely showed him a questioning look, silently asking with her eyes, “Did Su Xi-er originally have an elder sister? I’m not aware of her background.”


Understanding her message, Pei Qianhao turned to Su Miao. “Since you are the Princess Consort’s elder cousin, you should stay here for a few days before leaving.”


Su Miao hastily waved her hand. “I can’t stay; I have to go home. Elder Brother is severely ill, and within three days…”


Pei Qianhao cut her off. “Your brother is the Princess Consort’s brother. This Prince will naturally arrange for an imperial physician to go to Willow Village to treat him. Money won’t be a problem.”


Su Xi-er raised her head to glance at him. I feel like he was already expecting my elder cousin to show up.


Su Miao’s face lit up with joy. I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. I thought that Younger Cousin would be someone hard to get along with when I just met her, but not only has she acknowledged me, even Prince Hao is so kind!  

“Guards, come and bring Miss Su into the residence; select a private room in a side courtyard for her.” Pei Qianhao instructed the people outside the door.


Soon, Wu Ling entered the room and respectfully gestured at Su Miao. “Miss, please.”


Su Miao’s heart was filled with delight. Despite Younger Cousin’s now noble status, she doesn’t forget her origins. Mum, there’s still hope for Elder Brother, Younger Cousin isn’t someone who bears grudges.


Su Miao followed the guard out of the teahouse with a heart full of gratitude. It was her first time riding a horse carriage, and she was filled with curiosity and excitement as it headed towards the Prince Hao Residence.




Inside the teahouse’s private room, Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao, poking him on his forehead. “You had already expected this, yet you feigned ignorance and deliberately called me here.”


Pei Qianhao reached out his arm to hold Su Xi-er’s waist. “A covert guard came to report that Xie Yun went to Willow Village to investigate your background.”


A cold look shrouded Su Xi-er’s eyes when she heard that. Xie Yun just has to poke his nose everywhere. But despite what he may be plotting, he has no idea that I’m not the real Su Xi-er from back then.


“Regardless of how Xie Yun racks his brain, there is only one outcome ー failure.”


Su Xi-er lifted her head to look at him, her smile reaching the recesses of her eyes. “How do you know that he will definitely fail? The Xie Family is a longstanding clan of Beimin; the fact that they’ve been able to survive until now is already proof that they have...”


Pei Qianhao interrupted. "In the past, both this Prince and him were equally matched. He has suffered a loss under this Prince before, and the opposite is also true. But now, with you around, he's naturally not our opponent."

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