This is...Younger Cousin?


In order to verify her identity, Su Miao didn’t hesitate in dashing towards the woman. Yet, when she finally reached the carriage, the woman had already entered the teahouse.


A guard with a sword at his waist stopped her. “Miss, you can’t go in.”


Su Miao looked at the other commoners on the first floor of the teahouse and couldn’t stop the question from coming out. “Why can’t I go in when they can?”


“You were very clearly rushing towards Princess Consort Hao just now; of course I can’t let you in.” The guard solemnly explained.


Su Miao took a few steps back to look at the second floor, clasping her hands together anxiously. The woman who just went in is Younger Cousin, but the guard is not allowing me to enter.


On the other hand, the guard was in turn observing her. So she’s really here to look for Princess Consort Hao!


At the same time, Su Xi-er was looking out of the open window on the second floor of the teahouse. She almost immediately felt Su Miao’s gaze on her, feeling that the latter had a strange look on her face.


Su Miao waved at her, but only mouthed the name, ‘Su Xi-er’.


Just by reading Su Miao’s lips, Su Xi-er could tell that she was being called. Calling me by my full name...could she be someone the original owner of this body knew in the past?


Noticing that Su Miao had already disrupted Su Xi-er, he immediately moved forward. “Miss, please leave. Don’t disturb the Princess Consort’s peace.”


Su Miao ignored him, continuing to wave her hand at Su Xi-er. Younger Cousin will definitely recognise me.


On the second floor, Su Xi-er signalled to the guard with her eyes to allow Su Miao to come up.


Thus, the guard extended his hand forward. “Miss, please proceed to the second floor. Pay attention to formalities, and don’t…”


Before he could even finish, he felt a breeze blow past him, Su Miao long gone. This woman’s leg strength is not bad; she ran so quickly!


Su Xi-er watched as the door creaked open, revealing a face filled with joy as Su Miao gingerly closed the door behind her.


Finally, the woman walked to her side and greeted, “Younger Cousin.”


Hearing the words ‘younger cousin’, Su Xi-er’s eyelid twitched. This woman is...the elder cousin of this body’s original owner?


“Younger Cousin, I didn’t expect you to be leading such a good life after leaving Willow Village; you even leapt all the way up to become Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er naturally didn’t recognise this elder cousin that had suddenly popped up, but it wasn’t like she could say that either. As a result, she could only vaguely gloss over the situation. “After my parents passed away, I came to the capital alone and roamed about for many years before I finally settled down. What about you? How have you been doing?”


Su Miao sniffed in sorrow. “Please don’t blame me for not stepping forward to help you back then. It was really hard to speak up for Second Aunt’s matter; even if Second Uncle hadn’t killed her, she would still have to be locked in the pig’s cage and drowned in the river.[1]


“You don’t have to bring up the matters of the past anymore. How did you find out that I have become Princess Consort Hao? Who told you?” There was a probing look in Su Xi-er’s eyes.


Su Miao’s heart wildly thumped against her chest. Younger Cousin feels so unfamiliar and cold after being apart for so many years.


“A kind-hearted person told me.” Finding Su Xi-er unapproachable, Su Miao decided to just kneel down. “It’s fine whether you blame us or resent us, but the blood that flows in us is still of the Su Family. After you left, the family circumstances have deteriorated by the day. My Elder Brother is ill, but the village physician isn’t unable to cure him. I just need to invite a physician from the capital, but we have no silvers.”


Su Xi-er was still wondering who had told her, but stowed away her thoughts when Su Miao suddenly knelt down. Helping Su Miao up, she easily responded, “I will settle this matter appropriately. You don’t have to worry.”


Su Miao squeezed her hand. “I knew you wouldn’t forget our past relationship.” Tears began streaming from her eyes uncontrollably.


It was at this moment that the entrance to the room was pushed open, and the silhouette of a tall man appeared in the doorway.

1. A common punishment for adultery in the past. This is how the pig’s cage look like: Image, and this is a slightly more graphic version.

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