Early the next day, an ox cart stopped near the capital gate, and a delicate and pretty young lady leapt down. She had a pair of curved willow-shaped eyebrows, and smiling with her small eyes made others feel that she was quite adorable.


After Su Miao thanked the owner of the ox cart, she walked towards the capital gate with a small bundle in hand. I must find a physician to treat Elder Brother within three days.


She had woken up early this morning and written a few words on the table with charcoal, indicating that she would be leaving. Even though I hid this from my parents, I'm not scared of being punished when I return.


Upon entering the capital, Su Miao’s eyes involuntarily widened at the lively scene in front of her. To think that it’s so busy despite it being early in the morning. 


The constant sound of hawkers peddling their wares flew through the air, not to mention the constant buzz of conversation coming from steamed bun stores, teahouses, taverns, and other stores she wasn’t sure about.


Su Miao felt as if she had entered another world, and she observed a bit more before she quickly pulled herself back to reality. It’s important to get down to business; there isn’t much time. It’s my first time leaving Willow Village and coming to the capital, and I still have no idea where the Prince Hao Residence is.


Thus, when she arrived at the vegetable store, she politely asked one of the employees, “Auntie, do you know which street the Prince Hao Residence is located on?”


The aunt was stunned when she heard the words ‘Prince Hao Residence’, then gave Su Miao a once over after recovering. “Miss, everyone in the capital knows where the Prince Hao Residence is, but no one has ever dared to openly walk on that street.”


The street was located in an isolated part of the capital, and there was only one household on that entire stretch of street ー the Prince Hao Residence. Apart from those who had to pass by the place when they were rushing, no one would go there.


Hearing this, Su Miao couldn’t help but get the impression that Prince Hao was someone unapproachable. But I have to look for Younger Cousin for help, so I must go to the Prince Hao Residence first.


“Auntie, you just need to tell me which street it’s on.”


“Miss, you’re not from the capital. Why are you inquiring about the Prince Hao Residence?”


Su Miao knew that she couldn’t say the real reason. My family is impoverished, and Younger Cousin didn’t invite her maiden family when she got married. She must resent us a lot, and maybe she’s also afraid that people will gossip about her maiden family being poor. After all, forget the capital, my family can’t even raise our heads in Willow Village.


Hence, she could only lie, “My elder brother is sick, but we need silvers to seek treatment for him. I heard that working as a servant in the Prince Hao Residence can earn many silvers, so I would like to go and try my luck.”


The auntie immediately shook her head. “There are only three women in the Prince Hao Residence: Princess Consort Hao, and the two dowry maidservants that followed her when she married. The rest of the servants are men. Even when they are recruiting, they never want women. If your elder brother is sick, why don’t you go to Mei’s Medical Clinic? It’s close to the capital’s gates, and if you explain your circumstances, Physician Mei may choose to not charge you anything.”


Su Miao’s eyes widened. To think that there’s such a good thing! She immediately started to walk in the direction the auntie had pointed in.


She had just taken a few steps when a horse carriage rushed past her, leaving her staring after it in a daze. The carriage is very large, and there are things with names I don’t know hanging from the roof in a circle. The people in the capital are indeed wealthy; even a passing carriage is so lavishly decorated.


Su Miao inwardly lamented as she prepared to continue walking forward. However, she suddenly saw that the horse carriage had stopped, and that a woman in a crimson dress was alighting. She wore her hair in a simple bun, only held together by an unremarkable wooden hairpin.


Just watching her from the side, Su Miao already felt that this woman had to be a beauty. When the woman turned around, however, Su Miao was frozen stiff. 

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