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(Censored Version)

“How do you know if you don’t try, Mum? The past is in the past, and we should move on. I’ve dreamed of seeing Younger Cousin again these past few years, but I didn’t expect that she would really still be alive. Let’s go look for her; even if she isn’t willing to help, there’s no harm in giving it a try, right?” Su Miao mischievously blinked.


He Xiuxiu caressed her daughter’s hair. “Let’s go back in; it’s cold outside. Mum will go and pick the wild vegetables tomorrow, and you can go to the Teacher’s place to help him move his things.”


“Alright, mum.” Su Miao obediently nodded. 


Elder Brother is ill, and my parents have to work from morning till night; it’s been tough on our family.


Suddenly, a scream of agony came from inside the room, causing He Xiuxiu to panic. “Your brother’s illness is acting up! I’ll go and check on him! Go and bring the village physician!” She immediately dashed into the room and went to her son’s side. Seeing her son’s face writhed in pain, tears uncontrollably poured from her eyes.


Su Miao desperately ran as if her life depended on it, her heart wildly thumping in her chest all the while. Even if the physician is asleep, I must wake him up.




“Miaomiao, your brother is severely ill. He won’t be able to survive just by relying on these few medicinal herbs. It’s urgent that you go to the capital and find a good physician to save him.” The elderly uncle who acted as the village physician shook his head as he advised her.


“Even if I find one, I don’t have any silvers. Besides, my parents don’t allow me to leave the village.” Su Miao bit her lips, her face wrinkled with worry.


“I’m the only physician in the village, but my ability is insufficient. Moreover, I don’t have the medicinal herbs to save your brother here. If you don’t want him to die, you’ll have to go to the capital and make a gamble. However, you only have three days at most; if you can make it back by then, there’s still hope for your brother.” Discerning her hesitation, he continued. “The ox cart from the neighbouring village will be passing by Willow Village tomorrow. Try saying some good words and convince them to bring you along with them.”


Su Miao’s brows were tightly furrowed. It’s urgent that Elder Brother is treated as soon as possible. I have to take the ox cart to the capital early tomorrow morning to look for Younger Cousin, and beseech her to help. It’s been so many years though; does she still remember me? We always used to play together, and when there was some good food, I would leave them for her to eat.


I hope that she will save Elder Brother on account of our past relationship.


“Miaomiao, take these medicinal herbs for now. Simmer half of them, and let your brother hold the other half in his mouth to stabilise his condition. Again, we can only prolong this condition for three days at most.” The old uncle explained to her as he passed her the herbs.


“Many thanks, Physician.” Su Miao quickly turned to head back for her house. The old uncle is quite nice; he didn’t ask me for money for these herbs.


Xie Yun had been watching this entire time. After walking out of Su Miao’s house, he had remained behind, and saw as she hastily brought the medicinal herbs back


It seems like she will go to the capital to look for Su Xi-er.


“Commandery Prince, will we be returning to the capital today?”


Xie Yun lifted his head to gaze at the crescent moon hanging in the sky for a moment before he replied, “Yes, we will.”


Boarding the horse carriage, they travelled through the night to return to the capital. However, instead of going to the Commandery Prince Residence, Xie Yun went to the Imperial Library.




Groggily opening her eyes, Tan Ge noticed Xie Yun standing in her room. Her eyes involuntarily widened, and all signs of sleepiness instantly vanished.


“Tan Ge, how is the task going?” There wasn’t a trace of a smile on his face.


She immediately got up and grabbed an outer robe from the head of the head, putting it over herself. Before she could get down from the bed, however, Xie Yun stopped her. “Just tell me directly.”


Tan Ge stopped moving and stared at him. “Commandery Prince, Su Xi-er agreed to arrange for this servant to leave the palace, but would not allow me to enter the Prince Hao Residence.”


Her words elicited Xie Yun’s derisive laughter. “What, she’s suspicious of you?”


Tan Ge shook her head. “Probably not, but I can’t deny that our relationship has become estranged. This servant can’t get close to her.”


“Can’t get close? If that’s the case, what use does this Prince have for you?” Xie Yun lowered his head to look at her, reaching out his hand to lift her chin up. “Such a beautiful appearance; this Prince can’t bear to ruin it.”


“Commandery Prince, this servant can’t get close to her. If I continue to pressure her despite the futility, Su Xi-er will only become more suspicious of me.”


Xie Yun’s fingers roamed around her face, his eyes filled with a dark and sinister look. “In this Prince’s opinion, you’re not serious enough about your work; there is no undefeatable opponent. It is only because you aren’t trying hard enough.”


Gazing into his eyes, Tan Ge felt his frigid gaze digging into her. His treacherous expression and his next words caused Tan Ge’s body to freeze.


“It seems like this Prince should do something to punish you so that you can be more motivated to work hard.” Xie Yun softly chuckled, the corners of his mouth curling up.  



Xie Yun forces himself on Tan Ge and restrains her, preventing her from fighting back. Ignoring her discomfort, he continues to taunt her throughout the process, only making her hate him more. There is a brief moment where she sees the pillow that she hid the jade pendant she took from Su Xi-er’s cloth bundle. Thinking that this pendant is the key to finding answers, she swears to kill both Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao.

Sensitive phrasing here:

||Tan Ge lost her body to Xie Yun.||


Xie Yun slowly put on his clothes and stood beside her bed, caressing her hair. “Tan Ge, this Prince is waiting to see what results you can bring; I have high expectations for you.”


“You...why do you always force women?” Tan Ge stared back at him.


Xie Yun stowed away the cold look in his eyes, putting on a gentle expression. “The only alternative will be to meet on the battlefield, which will only result in more victims. This Prince wants to obtain victory with the least casualties.”


He paused and patted her face. “Don’t disappoint this Prince again, otherwise, the punishment won’t be this simple.” He then turned to leave the room, closing the door behind him.


Tan Ge’s hands were tightly clenched into his fists. She took out the jade pendant from under the pillow and began to carefully examine it. She had browsed through the books in the Imperial Library for the past few days, and after making some comparisons, she was even more certain that the words carved on the jade pendant were from the western region!


Taking the jade pendant to the western region is the only option I have right now. If I can successfully reach the western region and find out where this jade pendant came from, I can make some achievements for myself. Then, when I return to Beimin in the future, I will definitely kill Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao personally! 

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