In the end, she couldn’t resist the temptation of his smile, and took him to her house.


“Miaomiao, why did you return so late? Have you picked the wild vegetables?” A married woman’s voice could be heard before she emerged in ash yellow coarse clothes.


Su Miao went up to her. “I have them, Mum. I’ll cook them later to nourish Elder Brother’s body.”


Xie Yun immediately understood that the Su Family was considered poor, even by the standards of the impoverished Willow Village.


“Mum, I met a gentleman on the way back, and he said that he had something to talk to you and Dad about.”


He Xiuxiu glanced towards the courtyard. My daughter has really brought an unfamiliar man home!


Her face immediately darkened. “Miaomiao, aren’t you aware of Willow Village’s rules? You can’t bring a man back home. This is so infuriating! Of all people, why do you have to learn from your Second Aunt[1]?!”


“Mum, this gentleman said that he’s here to inform us of Younger Cousin’s whereabouts.”


“What, your younger cousin?! Your Second Aunt did such a filthy thing and implicated your Second Uncle. You have no younger cousin, only an elder brother.”


Xie Yun could immediately deduce that ‘Second Aunt’ was referring to Su Xi-er’s mother. She’s infamous for being unchaste in Willow Village.


“Why are you getting angry? The younger cousin you all are unwilling to mention has become the most noble woman in Beimin.” Xie Yun’s smile was replaced with solemnity as he walked over.


Su Miao couldn’t completely process what had just been said. Not only is Younger Cousin not dead, she’s become Beimin’s most noble woman? What on earth is going on?


“Even if Willow Village is desolate, it’s still just 20 kilometres away from the capital. Unlike those who live even further away in other villages, you must at least know the name ‘Prince Hao’.” Xie Yun made sure to carefully observe the married woman’s expression.


He Xiuxiu was stunned. Of course, I have heard of Prince Hao. Although Willow Village is remote, there are people who have once gone to train in the army barracks.


“Su Xi-er is now the noble Princess Consort Hao, but during her wedding, not a single person from her maiden family turned up, and she didn’t even invite you. It really leaves people bitterly disappointed.” Xie Yun enunciated his words, and saw that the married woman’s eyes were getting wider and wider.


“Su Xi-er...Princess Consort Hao?”!” He Xiuxiu was shocked.


I know that Su Xi-er has been beautiful since she was young, eliciting many people’s attention. Her mother was just as pretty and charming, ultimately resulting in her sin.


“Mum, how did Younger Cousin become Princess Consort Hao?”


Still unable to recover from her astonishment, He Xiuxiu was unable to respond to her daughter.


Xie Yun continued. “How can just wild vegetables be enough to nourish the body? It seems like the Su Family can’t cope any longer. Why don’t you go to the capital and look for Su Xi-er, and let her help you all? The past is in the past; family still matters most.”


“Why are you telling us all this?” He Xiuxiu’s brows were scrunched up. 


My son is severely ill, but we don’t have any money to find him a doctor. If he still doesn’t receive treatment, I’m afraid that even the gods wouldn’t be able to save him


“I’m simply informing you. As for what you plan to do after hearing this, that would be up to you all. I shall take my leave then.” Xie Yun turned around, preparing to leave.


Seeing that he was about to leave, Su Miao immediately chased after him. “Mister, what’s your name?”


“Xie Yun.”


“Can I look for you in the future?” Su Miao disregarded the bashful demeanour a woman should possess and boldly asked.


“Of course you can. The Commandery Prince Residence in the capital; if you wish to come, you can just ask the guards there and state your name.” Xie Yun’s eyes were filled with a resplendent smile that shone right into Su Miao’s heart.


In the end, Su Miao watched him as he walked away, her young heart pounding wildly in her chest. 


I’m 17, but because my family is utterly destitute, all the men in Willow Village who are of a suitable age don’t want me. Maybe I should leave Willow Village and see the world outside.


“Miaomiao, quickly come back!” He Xiuxiu yelled at her, afraid that the man her daughter had just met would steal her away.


Su Miao turned around. “Mum, let’s go look for Younger Cousin. On the account of our past relationship, she will help us.”


He Xiuxiu sighed. “When her mother was in dire straits, our family didn’t help. Su Xi-er only has hate for us.”

1. Specifically, the wife of the father’s second elder brother’s wife.

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