“The Imperial Library lacks manpower, and Xiao Yuanzi is already too busy as it is. I can’t bear to have him do anything else.” Grand Tutor Kong took the bowl of soup and downed it all at once after verifying that the temperature was suitable.


“You need to inform the Imperial Household Department to send more manpower to the Imperial Library.” Su Xi-er slowly said as she sat on the chair.


Grand Tutor Kong sighed. “The one I like the most is Shu Xian, but this child had suddenly disappeared. With no parents, where else can he go?”


A person with no ability can’t vanish into thin air. Perhaps there’s more to Shu Xian than meets the eye. However, Su Xi-er wouldn’t say this out loud. In Grand Tutor Kong’s eyes, Shu Xian was just a child who needed his care.


“Grand Tutor Kong, perhaps Shu Xian will suddenly return on his own someday.”


“Forget it, as long as he’s living well, this old man doesn’t care where he’s run off to.” Grand Tutor Kong waved his hand and finally picked up his book again, beginning to flip through its pages.


Su Xi-er quietly watched Grand Tutor Kong and kept him company for a while before bringing the bowl back to the kitchen.


Once again, she bumped into Xiao Yuanzi. “Xiao Yuanzi, it must have been tiring for you to be the one doing most of the work recently.”


Xiao Yuanzi shook his head. “This servant isn’t tired. The Imperial Library is much more desolate than in the past, and although Grand Tutor Kong likes peace, he will still be sad if it’s too barren.”


Su Xi-er naturally understood what he was talking about. But some things can’t be forced or rushed.


“The Imperial Household Department will send more manpower over. Before they come though, you’ll have to work harder, Xiao Yuanzi.”


“Princess Consort, after working in the Imperial Library for all this time, I can tell that Grand Tutor Kong’s greatest regret is Shu Xian. He suddenly disappeared and left without saying a single word.” Xiao Yuanzi couldn’t help but become disconsolate.


Tan Ge had just finished sweeping, and had gone to the kitchen to pour herself a bowl of water. When she spotted Su Xi-er, however, she was briefly stunned before brushing past the latter without a word.


Su Xi-er called out to her, “Tan Ge.”


Tan Ge put down her bowl and bowed. “Princess Consort, why did you call for this servant?”


Shes become so polite in front of people. Su Xi-er didn’t make any comments, but simply advised, “Take more care of Grand Tutor Kong with Xiao Yuanzi.”


Tan Ge’s gaze flickered as she stared at Su Xi-er’s back again. Now that she’s already safely in her high position, she has no troubles.


“Tan Ge, you should rest. The cook isn’t around today, so we’ll have to cook for ourselves.” Xiao Yuanzi spoke with a smile as he came in.


“Alright.” By now, Tan Ge’s expression had already returned to normal.


Su Xi-er had just walked out of the Imperial Library when she saw Pei Qianhao walking over.


“Let’s return to the residence.” Pei Qianhao went forward to take her hand, pulling her to his side.


“What did you talk about with the Second Imperial Prince?”


“The western region.”


Su Xi-er countered, “Oh? Prince Hao, since when did you suddenly gain an interest in the western region?”


“Regardless of the power of other countries, there will always be something we can borrow and learn from.” Pei Qianhao continued to tidy up her hair.


“Xi-er, when we return to the residence, you’ll be busy writing down all the clauses of Nanzhao’s new policy. After observing the overall circumstances in Beimin, this Prince thinks that a large scale reform is in order.”


Su Xi-er softly chuckled. “After Beimin changes its system, it will become more prosperous, and Nanzhao won’t even be able to catch up. What should we do?”


Pei Qianhao whispered into her ear. “Petty.”


“Only now did you learn of my pettiness?” Not being one to back down, Su Xi-er refuted.


“Beimin and Nanzhao are on friendly terms. Instead of competing, why don’t we consider collaborating instead?” Pei Qianhao’s eyebrows were raised as he lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.


The palace maid walking from the distance happened to chance upon this scene, causing her to flee in fright.


“Be more careful when you’re out and about.” Su Xi-er pushed him away and took larger strides, walking extremely fast.


Watching her leave in a hurry, Pei Qianhao’s smile reached the recesses of his eyes.


She has become bashful again. Why is she embarrassed about being seen by others? Would those people dare to say a single ‘no’?

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