Tan Ge’s eyebrows were scrunched up as she took a step closer to Su Xi-er. “Commandery Prince Xie has suffered a huge loss to Prince Hao, losing a general of his and being trapped for multiple days. He just returned to the capital yesterday and secretly snuck into the Imperial Library last night…” She paused. Su Xi-er will definitely understand what I’m trying to drive at.


“Are you begging me to help you to leave the imperial palace and free yourself from Xie Yun?”


Tan Ge nodded. “I don’t want to harm people anymore, but if I stay in the imperial palace, he will definitely use me to threaten you. Su Xi-er, I beg of you, please save me.” She reached out her hand to grab Su Xi-er’s, her face filled with an imploring look.


“Even if you’re not in the imperial palace, as long as Xie Yun can find you, you’ll still be threatened by him.” Su Xi-er pulled out her hand from Tan Ge’s grasp and spoke with a calm expression.


Tan Ge pondered for a moment before replying, “I have thought about it for a long time. As things stand now, the safest place is the Prince Hao Residence. After being dealt a huge blow by Prince Hao, Commandery Prince Xie won’t try to act anytime soon. As long as I can enter the Prince Hao Residence, he won’t be able to reach me. I am willing to do any kind of manual work in the Prince Hao Residence”


She thought that Su Xi-er would surely agree with this logic, but the latter’s reply had her frozen in place.


“You’ve also said it yourself: he won’t be making any moves anytime soon. Who knows what would happen after that? Tan Ge, it’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but you have to understand something. The Prince Hao Residence is indeed heavily guarded, but there are many skilled individuals under Xie Yun. In the worst case scenario, the Prince Hao Residence isn’t the safest location, but the most dangerous.” Su Xi-er grabbed Tan Ge by the arms.


“You have to be the one to choose your own path. Only when you are firm can nobody threaten you. I can help you if you want to leave the palace, but you can’t enter the Prince Hao Residence.”


Tan Ge was baffled. “Why? I’m only pleading for a few months of peace.”


“Even if I agree, Prince Hao wouldn’t. Tan Ge, think over it carefully; what exactly do you want?” With that, Su Xi-er let go of Tan Ge’s hands and headed towards Grand Tutor Kong’s abode.


Tan Ge’s body grew stiff as she dazedly stared at Su Xi-er’s departing figure. 


She actually didn’t agree. Could it be that she’s already suspicious of me? But how can that be? I haven’t communicated with Su Xi-er at all during this period of time. Saying that Prince Hao wouldn’t agree is just an excuse.


What will Xie Yun punish me with if I fail to complete his mission? 


Tan Ge tightly clutched the broom handle. 


Is he going to use the medicinal powder and continue to disfigure me? Apart from getting close to Su Xi-er, how else am I valuable?


Her pupils darkened as a cold flash ran across them. 


I don’t want to live my days in fear anymore! Those who have harmed me must all die!




Upon arriving at Grand Tutor Kong’s abode, Su Xi-er saw Xiao Yuanzi carrying a bowl of soup over. Only after asking him did she learn that Grand Tutor Kong had caught a cold when he was bathing.


“I’ll bring this to him. You can continue with your work.” Su Xi-er took the soup, knocking the door and calling out, “Godfather.”


Grand Tutor Kong was reading books in his room when he heard her calling him. His heart wildly thumped, and he replaced his solemn countenance with a smile. I have done the right thing by taking in this goddaughter.


“Come in.” Grand Tutor Kong put down his book and answered.


With a creak of the door, Su Xi-er came into the room with her face wreathed in smiles. “Godfather, your bathing water must be warmer. You’re already becoming old, so you should have Xiao Yuanzi wait upon you when you bathe.”

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