Su Xi-er felt like laughing when she noticed the Second Imperial Prince’s appearance as he inwardly lamented. “Second Imperial Prince, I am also envious when I see these garish clothes of yours.”


Situ Rong’s eyes were filled with a jocose look as soon as he took in what she said. “You can just say the word if you like them, and this Prince will take them off to give to you.” 


After roaming around for a few years and staying with the open-minded people of the western region, Situ Rong had also become similarly carefree and straightforward. He was completely unlike the people of the court who were indecisive and constantly scheming.


“If you like garish clothing, this Prince can instruct one of the best seamstresses to sew some for you in the style that you like best.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was gentle, but as soon as he turned towards Situ Rong, his gaze became chilling.


Situ Rong couldn’t help but exclaim in his mind. This is what the real Pei Qianhao should be like. I couldn’t get used to him being so gentle; in fact, I am much more at ease when he acts callously towards me.


“Second Imperial Prince, you should keep your personality in check. This Prince will arrange for you to enter the Ministry of Justice and become the Chief Minister of Justice’s subordinate.” Pei Qianhao spoke calmly, and with an air of solemnity that brooked no rejection.


Situ Rong’s hand that was holding his teacup trembled, causing the cup to almost fall to the ground. He pointed to himself in shock. “Prince Hao, are you joking? The Ministry of Justice is a place where solemn silence reigns. Aren’t you causing trouble for the Chief Minister of Justice by sending me there?”


On the other hand, Consort Dowager Guo was delighted. “Prince Hao, thank you for assigning him to the Ministry of Justice. That’s the only place that can make him restrain himself.” 


Investigating cases, interrogating criminals, keeping accurate records; all these tasks require a stable and meticulous heart. It suits Rong-er the most!


Understanding Pei Qianhao’s intentions, Situ Rong snorted. “You’re indeed a wily old fox. Giving this Prince such an assignment is really a crafty trap; you’re harming me”


Hearing Situ Rong murmuring to himself, Su Xi-er saw the shadow of Chu Linglong in him. I wonder which one of them would win in an argument if they met.


“Princess Consort, the way Prince Hao is handling this matter isn’t forthright at all. This Prince will be indebted to you in the future, so can you...” Consort Dowager Guo immediately smacked his arm.


“Rong-er, now that you have come back, not only must you stabilise your thoughts, you also have to find a young lady to get married to. You’re already 30, and should be considering such things more carefully. When the late Emperor was 30 years old, the Eldest Imperial Prince was already…” Consort Dowager Guo suddenly stopped.


Everyone in court was aware of the conflict between the Eldest Imperial Prince and Prince Hao. After offending Prince Hao, the former had been exiled to a rural county for years. He hadn’t even returned during the state banquet, leading everyone to believe that he wasn’t allowed to return without being specifically summoned.


Noticing the change in Consort Dowager Guo’s expression, she glanced towards Pei Qianhao, but saw that his countenance remained normal. I have never heard anyone mention the Eldest Imperial Prince in the imperial palace; it’s as if he doesn’t even exist.


“This Consort Dowager has said too much. Rong-er, the Minister of the Court of Judicial Review has three daughters, and each of them is pretty and polite…”


Situ Rong found it annoying and simply told her, “Imperial Mother, you don’t have to say so much. Your imperial child already has someone I like.”


Consort Dowager Guo was astonished. “Someone you like? Which young lady is it? As long as she comes from a proper background, this Consort Dowager doesn’t mind her status.”


With his lie getting out of proportion, Situ Rong randomly tried to cover up his lie with more lies. “Her background is definitely proper, but she’s a young lady from the western region.”


“That won’t do! The young ladies from the western region are bold and unrestrained, not to mention they have a wild personality. Of all women, why do you have to like one from the western region? This Consort Dowager is the first to disapprove!”

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