Pei Qianhao naturally didn’t pay any heed to her as he stepped into the residence, happening to bump into Su Xi-er who was coming out with Mei Jinxiu anxiously following behind her.


Before they even walked out of the entrance, they already saw Zhen Yu kneeling on the ground, and Mei Jinxiu’s face blanched. 


Did Zhen Yu offend Prince Hao after mistaking him for Brother Hu?”


Su Xi-er looked towards Zhen Yu. “Quickly get up.”


“This peasant woman has a request.” Zhen Yu kowtowed on the ground. I have decided to dedicate my whole life to searching for Brother Hu, but if I can get Prince Hao to help, maybe I’ll be able to find him sooner.


Su Xi-er waved her hand. “If you don’t get up, Prince Hao won’t agree to your request.” She turned to Pei Qianhao. “Why don’t you try listening?”


Pei Qianhao’s brow was slightly furrowed as he finally relented. “Since the Princess Consort has spoken, this Prince shall listen.”


Zhen Yu’s face lit up with delight as she sprung up to her feet. “Brother Hu suddenly left Peach Blossom Village when he was seven. He once told me that he would take care of me for a lifetime, and that I wasn’t allowed to marry anyone else. I’ve been waiting all this time, but he still hasn’t returned. Prince Hao, you wield significant influence over Beimin; this peasant woman would be eternally grateful if you could help me search for Brother Hu.”


Actually, even if Zhen Yu hadn’t requested it, Su Xi-er would still have chosen to launch an investigation. There can be people who look alike in this world, but that’s hard to say for Pei Qianhao’s appearance.


Pei Qianhao’s brow was knitted. I am certain that I was the only child that my parents ever had. Besides, they had never been to Peach Blossom Village.


“I beg of you, Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao.” A hopeful look emerged in Zhen Yu’s eyes. It would be great if they can really help!


Su Xi-er replied before Pei Qianhao could. “I’ll agree to this on Prince Hao’s behalf.” She then turned to Mei Jinxiu. “Go and check on Qin Ling.”


“Alright.” Mei Jinxiu immediately left and flagged down a horse carriage on the streets. She leapt onto the carriage and had the driver head towards the blacksmith.


Before the entrance of the Prince Hao Residence, Zhen Yu was overwhelmed with emotions. “Thank you, Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao. I have no way of repaying this favour. In my next lifetime…”


Su Xi-er interrupted her, “What next lifetime are you talking about? Finding Brother Hu and leading a blissful life is what’s best for you. If you can find Brother Hu, we can get him to stand side by side with Prince Hao and see how alike they really are.”


“You’re such a nice person; no wonder the commoners are full of praise for you.” Zhen Yu was so moved that tears trickled down her face, and the rims of her eyes soon reddened.


“What’s your name?” Su Xi-er asked with a smile.


“I’m Zhen Yu. Brother Hu said that my name means ‘as precious as a valuable jade.”


“Your name sounds very nice. Brother Hu must be an extremely talented person.” Su Xi-er grabbed Zhen Yu’s hand. “Why don’t you come and have a seat in the residence?”


Zhen Yu shook her head. “It’s fine, I have to go to the medical clinic. There are still many cupboards that haven’t been cleaned out, and I must work hard to avoid being a freeloader.” She then pulled her hand away and bowed, giving another word of thanks before she left.


Unbeknownst to them, a spacious horse carriage with cyan tassels hanging from the roof passed by, and its passenger was none other than Xie Yun.


Looking through the window curtains, he saw Zhen Yu walk away. 


This person probably knows Su Xi-er. Who could she be?


A thoughtful look emerged in Xie Yun’s eyes. “Follow the woman in front.”


The guard acknowledged. “This subordinate obeys the order.”


Even though the carriage slowed down, Zhen Yu’s naive nature caused her to be unsuspecting even as she entered the medical clinic.


“Commandery Prince, she entered Mei’s Medical Clinic.”


Xie Yun had already found out about Mei Jinxiu escaping from the Commandery Prince Residence. Since I have found a new target, I’ll just let Mei Jinxiu be. That woman from just now looks young and inexperienced; she doesn’t look like she’s from the capital either.


After a moment of contemplation, he instructed the guard. “Let’s leave.”


The guard immediately raised the horsewhip and rapidly drove the carriage towards the capital gate.

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