Hearing the familiar and dangerous male voice, Tan Ge’s body froze.


He still came in the end. 


Calming her emotions, she went to open the door and bowed. “This servant pays her respects to Commandery Prince Xie.”


Xie Yun closed the door behind him and got straight to the point. “Tan Ge, have you investigated what I ordered you to?”


“Commandery Prince, this servant has already verified with the Imperial Household Department. Su Xi-er was indeed born to an impoverished family in a desolate rural village. Commandery Prince, you could have easily found this out on your own, so why order this servant to do it?”


Xie Yun’s pupils grew cold. “Prince Hao is already suspicious of this Prince. The reason I had to leave the capital this time was all because of him.”


Mockery emerged in Tan Ge’s eyes, and she disregarded the possible repercussions as she stated, “Commandery Prince, in terms of ability and methods, you pale in comparison to Prince Hao by a large extent.”


A vicious look immediately drowned Xie Yun’s eyes as he deftly reached out his hand to grab Tan Ge’s neck. “It looks like your mouth has already become smart after not seeing you for a few days.”


“Commandery Prince, this servant is just stating the facts. I am simply reminding you that if you don’t buck up soon, you won’t have the chance to stand up to Prince Hao anymore.” Despite being prevented from breathing, Tan Ge still wore a smile on her visage.


Xie Yun had originally been oppressed by Pei Qianhao to the point he couldn’t catch his breath these few days, so he was determined to return the gesture tenfold. To think that this little woman is also ridiculing me. 


The fire of fury that had been suppressed in his heart flared up as he tightened his hold on her neck, malevolence practically spilling out of his eyes. “Tan Ge, this Prince won’t disfigure your face. But tell me, apart from their appearance, what else does a woman treasure the most?”


He taunted as his other hand reached for her waist. “When the Tan Residence was at its peak, you were praised by all as Beimin’s number on beauty. Yet, you are now a maidservant in the palace, left completely at the mercy of others.”


“Commandery Prince, you can just get to the point and tell this servant what you want me to do.” Tan Ge’s face remained placid, having gotten used to his threats.


“This Prince wants you to pretend to be pitiful to get close to Su Xi-er.” Xie Yun moved in and whispered into her ear.


“This servant is in the Imperial Library, while she’s in the Prince Hao Residence. How am I supposed to get close to her?”


“She can’t possibly stay in the Prince Hao Residence forever.”


Tan Ge began pondering. Even if Su Xi-er enters the imperial palace, how am I going to ask her to let me enter the Prince Hao Residence? Even if that was possible, Prince Hao definitely wouldn’t agree. Xie Yun has really given me a headache to deal with.


“If you don’t do well, this Prince will definitely punish you.” Xie Yun then released his grip and continued. “Describe to me in detail about Su Xi-er’s family circumstances before she entered the palace.”


Tan Ge enunciated each and every word. “She comes from a desolate rural area, and was the only child in her family. Many men would target her from a young age because of her appearance, but none of them ever dared to touch her because of her father’s combat skills. However, her mother was discovered to have been in an affair, and was discovered by her father. Before she could escape, she was killed by her own husband, who then proceeded to end his own life as well. Without anybody to depend on, Su Xi-er was left to fend for herself as more and more men took notice of her. She was forced to flee the village, becoming a vagabond as she roamed on her own until she was eventually discovered by Pei Yong in the capital.”


A chuckle escaped Xie Yun’s mouth. “Charming people ever since she was young; she’s a femme fatale. I wonder if she’s considered a fortune or calamity for Pei Qianhao.” He then turned to open the door, swiftly leaving the Imperial Library.


Tan Ge closed the door after Xie Yun left, her gaze involuntarily landing on the pillow under which she had hidden the jade pendant. She had decided to not tell Xie Yun about it.


Perhaps the background I discovered in the Imperial Household Department isn’t real.


Nonetheless, her parents’ death must have cast a trauma on Su Xi-er. Yet, Xie Yun plans to target that and start acting…


A ferocious look flickered in Tan Ge’s eyes.


Xie Yun, you are really despicable to specifically make a move on a woman. Strong and powerful people can’t afford to have a weakness, but unfortunately for you, Pei Qianhao’s is Su Xi-er.

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