Everyone says that Prince Hao is like a wolf and tiger, but now that we have heard what the Princess Consort said, it turns out that she’s also not one to lose out! Which woman would dare to tell a man that she will kiss him until he’s satisfied?!


“Don’t stay there in a daze. Quickly leave; otherwise, His Highness is going to punish you guys for ruining the moment.” The head guard chided as he waved his hand for them to swiftly set off.


Acknowledging his order, the group of guards quickly began to row, soon reaching the banks of the Merchant River. We’ll come back again early tomorrow morning to bring His Highness and the Princess Consort back to the residence.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao were the only two on their boat; thus, Su Xi-er abandoned her bashfulness and became bold. Plucking up her courage, she bent her knees before giving a little leap up, circling her legs around Pei Qianhao’s waist with familiarity.


Pei Qianhao quickly moved his hand behind her back to stabilise her.


“What a handsome little fellow; raise your head up high for this young lady to take a look.” There was a sly look in Su Xi-er’s eyes as she pretended to raise his chin up like an arrogant patrician, then flashed a haughty smile. “Your tiny mouth looks rather delicious; open it and receive this young lady.”


The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth curled up. So she actually likes this style. I’ll obediently do as she said and wait for her arrival.


“Not bad, quite obedient.” Su Xi-er smiled and bent down to kiss him, moving from the corner of his lips to the middle before finally slipping her tongue into his mouth and conquering his territory like how he had in the past.


At the same time, her hand that was pressed against his chest started to wander around. He has done so much for me. Tonight, I must… We clearly agreed that it would only be twice per day, but now… Su Xi-er inwardly sighed. Who cares about that anymore?


Her hand gradually headed inwards, causing the look in Pei Qianhao’s eyes to deepen, but he ultimately grabbed hold of her hand. “Let’s return to the room; it’s cold outside.” He then carried her bridal style, his outer robes wrapped tightly around her as he brought them to the largest private room on the boat.


This boat had been bestowed by the late Emperor, and was exclusive to Pei Qianhao. For many years, he had only instructed for it to be docked at the shore and cleaned at regular intervals, the boat never coming in handy before. Today is the maiden voyage of this boat, and it’s for the sake of pleasing her.


The interior of the room was already warm from the heater placed in it. Just as Pei Qianhao placed Su Xi-er down, he heard her soft voice. “Husband.”


Her dainty soft voice caused his eyes to gradually darken. Before he could turn around, she had already clung onto him, giving him a tender smile. “Let me help you.” She then began helping him remove his clothes.


The internal fire within Pei Qianhao was surging, and he wished he could immediately embrace her right away and proceed to do the deed. But I must be gentle tonight so that I don’t scare her.


“Husband, I’ll be on top, and you’ll be below.” Su Xi-er’s hand moved faster, and she pressed him to the bedside after removing his clothes.


“You must listen to whatever I say.” She lowered her head and pressed her warm lips to his ear, then his cheeks as she gradually moved downwards and reached his waist.


This woman really knows how to make people go crazy! Pei Qianhao’s brow was tightly furrowed. He immediately pulled her to him to signal her to hurry things up.


Su Xi-er responded, “Tell this young lady that you want.”


A dangerous look flickered in Pei Qianhao’s eyes before he grasped her hand and flipped them over, swapping their positions.


“Of course, this Prince wants Xi-er.” There was a devilish smile gracing Pei Qianhao’s lips.


“Prince Hao, you’re a big liar!” Su Xi-er harrumphed, but her grumpy snort eventually morphed into soft moans under his actions.


Outside, the night was pitch black, lit only by the twinkling flower lanterns. When the breeze blew by, it would form a mesmerisingly beautiful scene, like stars flowing in the night sky.




Meanwhile, in the imperial palace, Xie Yun had just left the Dragon Heaven Palace. He secretly snuck into the Imperial Library and knocked on Tan Ge’s door.

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