When they heard Old Maidservant Liu’s decision, many palace maids gnashed their teeth in hatred. However, they weren’t able to do anything about it. Although Old Maidservant Liu wasn’t as irascible as Old Maidservant Zhao, the former still had her own methods in supervision. The palace maids didn’t dare to say a single ‘no’, also becoming much more diligent than before.


After Old Maidservant Liu left, the Repast House became animated. Everyone was discussing Su Xi-er.


Lian Qiao pulled Su Xi-er’s arm. “I am also assigned to pulling the weeds. Let’s go together. Follow me to get the baskets.”


This time, Su Xi-er didn’t refuse and directly left with Lian Qiao.


When the thin palace maid saw them, she smiled with contempt. Is this considered to be Lian Qiao successfully hugging her thigh? With how unclear Su Xi-er’s position is, I hope you don’t hug her thigh for a long time only to realise that you have hugged trouble.




Su Xi-er was carrying a basket with a piece of coarse grey cloth underneath it.


The two quickly entered the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters with Lian Qiao leading them to the place where they were to pull out weeds. “All these weeds have to be plucked or they will grow insanely. Hong Li was in charge of this area yesterday.”


Su Xi-er squatted down to observe the plants carefully. Finding several thorns on the culm of the plants, she realised that it was mainly the culm itself rather than the leaf blade that would cause the itchy red spots when it came into contact with the skin.


As long as she removed the thorns and ground the culm into powder, she would be able to produce her own itching powder.


“There are still many weeds over there. I’ll be heading that way, so be careful.” Lian Qiao advised her and left.


Su Xi-er looked at the other direction. Altogether, there are five palace maids who came here to remove the weeds. Hong Li was assigned to this area where the plants would cause her to be plagued by an itch.


Su Xi-er held a piece of coarse grey cloth in her hand. I should be fine as long as I use a cloth to handle it. If I accidentally touch it, it will be fine after I go back and apply the medicinal powder.


Over the course of the next two hours, Su Xi-er obtained five culms as she plucked, removing the barbed thorns with the coarse cloth in her hand. Afterwards, she broke the culms into pieces and wrapped them in the grey sack she had brought.


Right after she was done handling them, she heard a series of footsteps. It’s Old Maidservant Liu.


“Su Xi-er, stop weeding and quickly return to your room. Imperial Bodyguard Wu has sent a piece of clothing over for you to mend.” Old Maidservant Liu kept her voice especially low. She couldn’t understand why Wu Ling had wanted Su Xi-er specifically to mend the clothes. As for what kind of clothing it was, she hadn’t looked at it carefully. Could it be Prince Hao’s clothes?


Su Xi-er had already collected this type of culms to make staying here any longer pointless. Hence, she left with Old Maidservant Liu.


After the two people vanished into the woods, Lian Qiao walked out from behind a huge tree and looked at her basket filled with grass. What exactly were Old Maidservant Liu and Su Xi-er talking about? Why were they in a haste? What has happened?


Countless question marks emerged in Lian Qiao’s brain. Afterwards, she squatted at the place Su Xi-er had been working and examined the plants closely.


She came from an influential traditional Chinese medicine family of many generations, resulting in her being well known for her medical skills. Afterwards, her family waned, thus leading to her current situation as a palace maid in the Palace Side Quarters.  


She understood with one glance that the grass would cause people’s bodies to itch.


However, she didn’t expect that Su Xi-er was also able to discern that and even took the culm. Why did she take the culm and what does she plan to do?


“Lian Qiao, come over and pluck the weeds. Why are you just standing there?” A chiding voice sounded. Lian Qiao immediately stowed away her solemn expression and answered with a smile.


“I’m coming now.” Her voice was very sweet and seemed very pure.




At this moment, Su Xi-er had already returned to the Palace Side Quarters and stood before the door of her room. Old Maidservant Liu didn’t enter.


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu has placed the clothes in your room and instructed that you mend them properly.”


Su Xi-er asked, “He directly entered my room?”


Old Maidservant Liu nodded. “Don’t worry. All the palace maids have gone to work so no one was here. No one would know about Imperial Bodyguard Wu coming to the Palace Side Quarters.”


However, Old Maidservant Liu was very curious. What kind of clothes did Prince Hao command him to bring?


Actually, Su Xi-er was also very curious. She entered the room, closed the door, and looked in the direction of the bed.

In an instant, her body stiffened. It’s actually...

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