Due to Mei Jinxiu’s superior strength, Zhen Yu was no longer able to move with the former holding on to her. I could tell that Physician Mei likes that man from just now. “Physician Mei, thank you for keeping me. You should just tell that man that you like him.”


“What nonsense are you blabbering about? Are you literate?” Mei Jinxiu took out a medical book from the cupboard and passed it to her.


Zhen Yu replied, “I am. I started learning together with Brother Hu from the teacher in our village.”


Mei Jinxiu noticed that her eyes would light up when she mentioned the words ‘Brother Hu’. Brother Hu must be her husband; sigh, why did these two childhood sweethearts have to be separated after growing up together?


“It makes things easier since you can read. This medical clinic has all the herbs written in this book. You can ask me tomorrow if there’s anything you don’t understand. As for today, I’ll be going to the Prince Hao Residence later to make some nourishing soup for a woman.”


Zhen Yu froze briefly when she heard the words ‘Prince Hao’. “Although I’m a citizen of Beimin, I was born in a small village in the mountains, and this is my first time coming to the capital. I don’t know about the matters of the capital, but I’ve heard many people talking about Prince Hao. What kind of person is he? ”


“He’s clever, formidable, and is a paragon of intelligence and courage, with people singing high praises for him. He is the reason that Beimin has been able to settle matters with the foreign tribes, and supports the Emperor, devoting himself and striving his best to make contributions to better the country.”


Zhen Yu stared at Mei Jinxiu. Prince Hao is actually so outstanding, and to think he looks so much like Brother Hu. But my Brother Hu isn’t bad either; he’s the most outstanding in my eyes!


“Anyways, you’ll definitely be impressed if you see him, not to mention Princess Consort Hao is similarly impressive. The two of them are a perfect match!” Mei Jinxiu’s eyes were filled with admiration. Men should be like Pei Qianhao, and women should be like Su Xi-er.


Mei Jinxiu paused and looked towards Zhen Yu. “How long have you been separated from your husband? If it’s been too long, you should be mentally prepared that his appearance might have changed.”


Zhen Yu repeatedly shook her head. “Brother Hu has been handsome ever since he was young, and all the young ladies in the village liked him. However, he only promised me that he would take care of me for a lifetime.” She was immersed in her memories. Everyone says that words said as children can’t be trusted, but Brother Hu has always been earnest in his actions since he was a young child. I trust that he wouldn’t make a careless promise.


“Continuing to look for him alone is also not feasible. Tell me how your Brother Hu looks like so that I can ask a painter to draw a portrait in order to expedite the search.” Mei Jinxiu suggested as she walked to the table to pour herself a cup of water.


“Who does he look like…” Zhen Yu mumbled to herself before earnestly saying, “He looks very much like Prince Hao.”


In her surprise, Mei Jinxiu ended up spewing the water in her mouth to the ground. However, she was in for an even bigger shock. Qin Ling suddenly appeared at the door with perfect timing to catch sight of the water spurting out of her mouth...


Tough life, can there be anything worse than this? That fellow Qin Ling saw me in such a unglamorous that was!


Hence, she immediately put on a solemn expression. “Didn’t you leave? Why did you return?”


Qin Ling walked over and picked up the waist tablet left behind on the table. “I came to retrieve this, and also to let you know that I have found a job.”


“So fast? What job?” Mei Jinxiu curiously asked.


“Blacksmith.” Qin Ling replied, stowing away the waist tablet in his sleeve. He then turned around to leave.

Mei Jinxiu gazed at him as he walked away. That waist tablet is carved with the word ‘Commander’. He was once glorious and mighty, but now he’s become an ordinary blacksmith. When things get busy, he’ll have to keep forging iron with no regard for day or night. It’s going to be extremely tough.

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