“Miss, what kind of family member are you looking for? It sounds like you’ve been apart for a long time, but I would advise against you continuing to search. It’s dangerous for a young lady to roam around on her own.”


“I am looking for my husband. I won’t give up even until the moment before I die.” Zhen Yu repeatedly shook her head in an unwavering manner.


The hawker immediately understood the reason behind her behaviour. So it’s because she’s looking for her husband. It’s a pity that she’s so faithful to him; after being away for so long, it’s likely that he’s already found a different wife; maybe even having children. Perhaps he’s even forgotten her already. I should show her the way since she’s so pitiful.


“You should go to Mei’s Medical Clinic to take a look. It’s not far from the city gate. Not only is Physician Mei a woman, she’s also not from Beimin. Perhaps she will give you a job as an assistant.” The hawker proposed as he pointed in the direction of the capital gate.


Zhen Yu was filled with gratitude as she nodded. “Thank you.” She then headed in the direction that he had pointed.


I will find Mei’s Medical Clinic and beg her to keep me. She won’t have to pay me; all I want is food and shelter. I already knew that the road to find Brother Hu would be long and arduous.


Zhen Yu walked very briskly, and after asking three people along the way, she finally managed to locate Mei’s Medical Clinic. The place only comprised two rooms: an inner and outer chamber. A woman was busying about inside while a man quietly stood watching her from the side.


“May I ask if you are Physician Mei?” Zhen Yu walked in and asked amiably. However, she was stunned when she saw Mei Jinxiu’s heroic, and more importantly, young demeanour.


Mei Jinxiu saw that the girl’s complexion was rosy, and deduced that she wasn’t ill. “I am, but I take it that you aren’t here for a consultation, Miss.”


Zhen Yu’s eyes were filled with admiration. Before I even said anything, Physician Mei could already tell that I’m not here for a diagnosis. “Physician Mei, do you need a female worker? Apart from my lack of knowledge in medical herbs, I am able to do anything else.”


Mei Jinxiu felt troubled. What’s happening today? Why’s everyone looking for me?! Qin Ling suddenly appeared two hours ago, volunteering to do the manual labour in the future because I am a young lady.


Now, yet another person has come! I can only support two people! Besides, I still need to go back to Nanzhao to reclaim my household, so I won’t be staying in Beimin too long.


Hence, she didn’t give much thought about it before deciding to refuse her. However, Zhen Yu seemed to discern that she was going to get rejected, and immediately plopped to the ground with a thud.


“Physician Mei, I will earn my keep and not be a freeloader. I can wash your clothes, cook for you, and I can even do all the dirty and tiring work. I won’t disturb you for too long. I’m already 23 this year, and I have been separated from my husband for many years. I came here to look for him, but since I don’t know where he is, I decided to start from the capital. I just need somewhere to work while I continue my search, and I’ll eventually be moving on to other places.”


Mei Jinxiu was moved by the staunch firmness in Zhen Yu’s eyes. However, I’ll need to support two people. This pressure…


Hence, she turned towards Qin Ling. “What do you propose? This young lady is rather pitiful.”


Qin Ling looked towards Zhen Yu before answering a moment later, “You should just keep her. As a man, I can find some other work to support myself.” 


I’m no longer a commander from Nanzhao, and my master is dead. As an orphan, there’s no home for me anywhere… or perhaps it could be said that anywhere can be my home.


Right after that, he turned to leave.


Mei Jinxiu felt her heart skip a beat, and she loudly hollered, “You’re leaving just like this? Who’s going to move the medical herbs in the future? Liar!”


Qin Ling stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her. “I will come inform you after I have found a place to settle down. You can come and let me know when you need to move the medical herbs.” He turned around without sparing her a last glance, only leaving behind the memory of his tall departing figure in Mei Jinxiu’s eyes.


For a reason unbeknownst to her, Mei Jinxiu felt an irritating sense of emptiness in her heart. I find him annoying when he’s right in front of me, but when he’s gone from my sight, I can’t help but find it uncomfortable. How long have I known him?! I probably feel different towards him just because he’s also from Nanzhao.


Zhen Yu stood up and saw the reluctance in Mei Jinxiu’s eyes. “Physician Mei, I will go somewhere else to look for work. You should ask that man to stay.” She then also turned around, preparing to leave.


Mei Jinxiu immediately pulled her back. “He has already left, and he won’t come back unless I go and look for him. Alright then, you’ll stay and learn medicine from me.”

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