Su Xi-er’s heart had been so touched that it almost melted into a pool of water by Pei Qianhao’s sincere affection, and she pushed her body against him as her arms cupped his face. Following his lead, her tongue gradually entered his mouth and entangled with his during their kiss.


Her soft body and feminine fragrance wafted through Pei Qianhao’s nose and settled in his heart. His breathing hitched as his hand at her waist prepared to move down. It was unclear how much time had passed before Pei Qianhao suddenly returned to his senses. 


I must quickly control myself; now’s not the time. 


Hence, he immediately let go of her and smiled. “Princess Consort, why are you so proactive today?”


Su Xi-er had yet to come back to her senses, and her eyes were still misty as she absentmindedly replied with a dreamy affirmative.


Her soft moan caused Pei Qianhao’s eyes to darken. Little bewitching fairy, she’s getting better at tempting me. It’s unfortunate that now is really not the time, or else I would have brought her back to the residence to finish what we’ve started.


In contrast to the tranquil atmosphere inside the private room, it was very lively outside the restaurant.


After Zhen Yu left, she randomly looked around, her mind full of her Brother Hu. 


Brother Hu, where are you? Do you know that there’s someone who looks a lot like you? However, he doesn’t have a mole on his waist, and he has already married a wife who he dotes on enough to make others envious.


Brother Hu, I don’t believe that you have let me down. Since you didn’t come to look for me, I’ll come to you. Even if I have to travel to the ends of the earth and search for you until I die of old age, I still won’t give up.


Determination flickered in Zhen Yu’s eyes, her mentality improving as she put the setbacks that she had encountered behind her.


She arrived at a steamed bun[1] store and planned to ask if they were open to hiring a female worker. Before she could enter, however, she heard some gossip coming from inside.


“The Third Imperial Prince has just left the capital, and the Second Imperial Prince is returning. To be able to get the Second Imperial Prince to return just like that after he’s been away for so long… Tsk, Prince Hao really is powerful.”


“Exactly! I just saw the horse carriage dedicated to receiving the Second Imperial Prince driving past. I suppose that Consort Dowager Guo must be elated.”


“Men should treat Prince Hao as their role model ー controlling the court, intimidating the other countries, and doting on his wife.”


Zhen Yu heard the familiar words ‘Prince Hao’ once again. The person they’re discussing is the one I met in the restaurant; the person who looks resembles Brother Hu a lot.


“Miss, do you want some steamed buns?” The hawker politely asked with a smile.


Zhen Yu nodded. “I want two vegetable steamed buns[2]. How many copper coins do they cost?”


“Two coins.” The hawker took out a piece of yellow paper and wrapped two vegetable steamed buns before passing them to her.


Zhen Yu then took out two coins from her purse and handed them to him. “Young man, does the store need female workers?”


“Miss, you’re not someone from the capital, right?”


Zhen Yu nodded. “I came from a desolate rural village. I’m here to look for my family, so I plan to find some odd jobs.”


“Miss, you don’t understand our trade. All of the stores in the capital try to retain stable staff, and thus, never hire female workers who are looking for odd jobs. You either work here for a few years, or you don’t stay in the capital at all.” The hawker explained to her seriously. This woman looks decent; her eyes are large and her skin is rosy. If she continues staying outside, I’m afraid that she may run into a predator.


Zhen Yu panicked. “What should I do? I can’t stay for too long. If I can’t find my family here, I’ll have to go somewhere else.”

1. They come in so much variety that it’s hard to show everything in one picture, and they come in all sorts of filling, but here’s an example with a type of meat filling.

2. Since she ordered one with vegetable filling, here are two more examples. 1. Green vegetable with mushroom filling.

2. Another variation of vegetable filling.

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