The guard’s eyelid twitched when he saw her running away, and he deftly reached out his hand to pull her back. However, she had already reached the door to the private room. With her collar hauled back, she could only forcefully kick the door open with her legs and loudly yell, “Brother Hu!”


Pei Qianhao was very displeased to see the door wide open, and his eyes were filled with a probing look as he turned towards the woman. “Miss, you’ve made a mistake. This Prince isn’t your Brother Hu.”


Zhen Yu was stunned as she repeated in a foolish manner, “This Prince?” It was evident that she completely didn’t understand what ‘this Prince’ meant.


Young ladies from a farmer family were typically simple and honest. On top of that, she had never left her village before. 


The guard immediately clarified for her. “Miss, the person in the private room is Prince Hao, not your Brother Hu. You have recognised the wrong person.” The guard felt somewhat helpless. Prince Hao is extremely handsome, as well as being peerless in this world. How could someone who resembles him so closely exist?


Zhen Yu still didn’t understand. Prince Hao? He’s clearly Brother Hu! I can’t possibly recognise those eyes wrongly. But Brother Hu doesn’t recognise me. Disappointment washed over her, and tears brimmed in her eyes. “Brother Hu, are you doing this on purpose, or do you really not recognise me anymore? I’m Zhen Yu! I don’t understand what ‘Prince Hao’ is, I just know that you are Brother Hu!”


Her voice sounded like she was on the brink of crying, and the rim of her eyes involuntarily reddened. This was also the scene that greeted Su Xi-er when she made her way up to the second storey of the restaurant.


The guard turned around and bowed. “This subordinate pays his respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand to signal for him to get up before stopping in front of Zhen Yu. “Miss, are you sure you haven’t recognised the wrong person?”


Zhen Yu stared at Pei Qianhao for a moment, and cautiously said, “There’s a mole on the right side of Brother Hu’s waist.”


Su Xi-er immediately fixed her gaze onto Pei Qianhao. He does indeed have a mole on the right side of his waist, and to think that this young lady who suddenly appeared out of nowhere knows about it.


Pei Qianhao finally stood up and walked towards Zhen Yu, declaring in a serious manner, “Miss, there is no such mole on this Prince’s body. I hope that you can leave as soon as possible.” He then reached out his arm and embraced Su Xi-er, whispering into her ear in front of everyone. “Are you jealous?”


Zhen Yu was extremely shocked, and blurted out with no regard for the situation, “Brother Hu, who is this young lady?”


Why is he so intimate with her? He’s forgotten his promise from back then.


Seeing how rude she was, the guard immediately lambasted, “The person beside Prince Hao is naturally Princess Consort Hao, the female master of the Prince Hao Residence.”


Even if she didn’t know what the ‘Prince Hao Residence’ was, she understood what ‘female master’ meant. The male is in charge of external matters, while the female is in charge of things at home. ‘Female master’ means that she is his wife. Brother Hu is still alive, but he has already married a wife…


This information dealt an extremely huge blow to Zhen Yu, and she found herself unable to accept something like this right away. I have waited until I am 23 years old, but these years of waiting have only yielded this kind of result. 


Her body uncontrollably shook as her eyes bore straight into Pei Qianhao, sobs escaping her throat.


Her cries were very soft as she forcefully suppressed them, and her expression was filled with sorrow. An ignorant bystander would have thought that someone had snatched her husband away and begun to castigate the unfaithful man who had abandoned her.


Su Xi-er brows were knitted as she turned towards Pei Qianhao, asking in a low voice. “Why does she know that you have a mole on the right side of your waist?”


“There are many people with a mole on the right side of their waist. How can every one of them be this Brother Hu?” Pei Qianhao countered and moved closer to her. “Xi-er, it’s quite nice to see you being jealous.”


The guard looked at the intimate pair, then turned to the woman whose eyes were swollen from crying. He felt as if he was put in a difficult position. What should I do? It doesn’t seem appropriate to just drag her out. 


“Brother Hu, why don’t you recognise me? Have you forgotten about Peach Blossom Village? We grew up together, and my parents took you in after your own had passed away. You were only seven back then, and you vanished after only two months. I have waited for you for more than 10 years just to fulfill the promise made during our childhood. Now that I am already 23 and you don’t want me, I still won’t marry someone else.” Zhen Yu tried to prevent the tears in her eyes from pouring out as she looked straight at Pei Qianhao, almost as if Su Xi-er didn’t exist.


On the other hand, Su Xi-er was examining her closely. The ‘Brother Hu’ this young lady keeps bringing up has many similarities to Pei Qianhao. They have a similar appearance, both have a mole on their waist, and they both lost their parents at the age of seven.


I could still ignore it if there was only one coincidence, but when there are so many … I am very curious, who on earth is Brother Hu?

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