Zhen Yu clutched the ends of her cloth bundle tightly before continuing forward, arriving at one of the main streets after leaving the dock. The capital is indeed prosperous and bustling with people. Numerous teahouses and restaurants stand tall along the streets, and the sounds of peddlers hawking their wares never cease.


However, the more she tread forward, the more lost she became. Among this sea of people, where would I find my Brother Hu? Has he really forgotten about me like Big Brother Liu said? She couldn’t help but be reminded of what the villagers had mentioned. Brother Hu suddenly left when he was seven that year; it’s unclear whether such a small child could have even survived on their own.


There were also people who advised me not to wait for him anymore, saying that he has probably died, or even married a wife and even had children. But I refuse to accept these two possibilities! Brother Hu couldn’t have died, and he also wouldn’t marry other women.


Zhen Yu took a few more steps before stopping. I don’t have many coins on me, so I’ll need to find a place to work so that I can support myself while looking for Brother Hu.. Once I have finished scouring the entire capital, I will move on to another place and employ the same method. As long as Brother Hu is still alive, I will keep looking for him even if I have to exhaust the whole of my lifespan.


After trudging on for some time, she finally arrived at a restaurant along the banks of the Merchant River, and spotted a spacious horse carriage parked in front of the restaurant. This carriage is so big, and the axles have been freshly cleaned. The person inside the carriage must be a wealthy person, or noble.


Zhen Yu didn’t think much of it at a glance, but when she began to continue forward, she caught sight of the person who was alighting the carriage.


Giving another cursory glance, her eyes happened to meet with the man who had a tough-looking face with defined contours, a tall and robust figure, as well as deep dark eyes.


Shock ran through Zhen Yu’s whole body, and her breathing hitched as she watched the man slowly enter the restaurant in a daze. Every step he took was steady, and he exuded a very intense aura that could shake the hearts of others.


He...looks so much like Brother Hu; his eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth  every part of him resembles Brother Hu! Apart from his extremely cold aura, they’re exactly the same! 


Zhen Yu was overwhelmed with emotions. I never thought that Brother Hu would be right here in the capital!


With the person constantly on her mind now right in front of her, Zhen Yu didn’t have the time to think her actions through before immediately pursuing him. After entering the restaurant, she saw the man climb up the stairs, and she swiftly followed.


Her gaze kept trailing after the man, and she only remembered that she had meant to catch up to him when he was about to enter a private room, her footsteps as fast as an arrow that had just left the bow. Having missed him for more than 10 years, she felt a bittersweet emotion rise up as she found herself fortunate to have encountered him today. She was so delighted that tears were welling up in her eyes.


Just as Zhen Yu was about to approach the man, however, a guard suddenly appeared and reached out his arm to block her. “Miss, do you have something to report?”


Seeing that the man was about to enter the private room, Zhen Yu immediately hollered, “Brother Hu!” Her resounding and crisp voice caused the guard to freeze.


Pei Qianhao slightly furrowed his brows. This woman has mistaken me for some ‘Brother Hu’. 


He no longer paid any attention to her, and signalled with his gaze for his subordinate to quickly send her away before walking into the private room.


“I beg of you, don’t block me. He’s my Brother Hu.” Zhen Yu frantically beseeched. Grabbing hold of the moment where the guard had yet to recover his senses, she nimbly ducked under his arm and wormed her way in.

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