Pei Qianhao happened to turn around, and their eyes met before he said, “There are countless people who gossip about this Prince, so a few more vile people make no difference. Consort Dowager, the Second Imperial Prince will return to the palace today.”


Consort Dowager Guo’s face was full of joy as she immediately stood up from her chair. “This Consort Dowager will return to the palace right now to personally prepare a delicious meal for him.” She then smiled at Su Xi-er before swiftly leaving the main hall.


The senior old maidservant quickly followed, quickly advising Consort Dowager Guo in fear that the latter may fall over. “Consort Dowager, walk slower.”


Watching how Consort Dowager Guo was in a hurry to leave, Su Xi-er remembered her own mother. Every time I didn’t want to eat the dishes from the Imperial Kitchen, Empress Mother would personally cook for me. It was so blissful back then.


It was at this moment that Pei Qianhao hugged her from behind, his wide shoulders circling around her as he whispered, “Did you think of your Empress Mother again?” He could discern the deep emotions that hid in her eyes with just a glance.


Su Xi-er nodded. “Yes.”


Pei Qianhao moved close enough that she could feel his breath tickling her ear. “You have me, your husband, who’s also omnipotent. You should be very happy.”


“Omnipotent? Tell me, what can you do?” Su Xi-er laughed at his words, teasing him back.


Playfulness flashed past Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “I can cook, warm the quilt, and I can even paint.”


Su Xi-er definitely didn’t doubt his ability in warming the quilt, and she was the one who had claimed he could paint at the palace banquet. However… He knows how to cook?


Su Xi-er turned around to hug him. “You can cook?”


“Yes, do you want to have a taste?”


Su Xi-er repeatedly nodded. “Yes I do, and I want it now.”


A soft chuckle escaped from Pei Qianhao’s lips. “You said that you don’t want it on the bed, and now you’re saying that you want it in broad daylight.” He purposely misinterpreted her words and laughed naughtily.


Su Xi-er immediately punched him in a playful manner. “Nonsense, be careful that I don’t stuff your mouth with cotton!”


Her puffed out cheeks only made her increasingly adorable to Pei Qianhao, and he couldn’t help but pinch her rosy cheeks. “Xi-er, this Prince realised that you’re getting more and more beautiful by the day. Why don’t you tell this Prince whether I have played a role in it?”


The medical book states that when a married couple make love regularly, the wife’s vitality will improve, and her skin will become smoother. Meanwhile, the husband’s body will also become stronger and fitter.


On the other hand, Su Xi-er realised that Pei Qianhao was getting more and more shameless by the day after they got married. And he’s being shameless in such a matter-of-fact way.


Just as Su Xi-er was about to retaliate, a guard suddenly came to report. “Prince Hao, Crown Prince Chu is requesting an audience.”


The guard spoke in a placid manner, having already grown used to the intimacy between Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er.


After losing his face at the banquet the other night, what’s his intention in personally coming to visit us? Is he trying to recover his reputation?


Pei Qianhao let go of Su Xi-er and instructed, “Lead Crown Prince Chu into the residence.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard then rapidly walked out of the main hall.


Soon, Chu Linglong, clad in his long purple robes, walked into the main hall. His gaze roamed about Pei Qianhao for a while before landing on Su Xi-er. “Prince Hao, aren’t you scared of spoiling the Princess Consort by doting on her so much? If the male doesn’t show off his might right from the start, how is he going to keep his reputation and position in the house in the future?”


Su Xi-er inwardly snorted. Crown Prince Chu hasn’t suffered enough losses; he’s still coming to look for trouble on someone else’s territory.


“Crown Prince Chu, you’re poking your nose too much into this Prince’s household matters.”


This one sentence was sufficient to temporarily silence Chu Linglong, but his expression remained normal, as if he didn’t mind it at all. “Princess Consort Hao, your tactic was really marvellous that day, and this Crown Prince fell for it. I will be returning to my country today, and I will be sure to invite both of you to Dongling in the future.”


Su Xi-er smiled as she replied, “You’re too polite, Crown Prince Chu. As long as you invite us in the future, you can be sure that we’ll turn up.” Regardless of whether we really intend to go, we still can’t dispense with the necessary formalities.


Chu Linglong nodded and smiled alluringly. “This Crown Prince won’t stay here any longer then. Princess Consort, be sure to come next time. This Crown Prince will be waiting.”


“Don’t worry, Crown Prince Chu, I will be there.” Su Xi-er slowly replied.


In the end, Chu Linglong bowed to Pei Qianhao and turned to leave.


Watching his departing figure, Su Xi-er raised her eyebrow. “Why is he inviting me to Dongling? Does he plan to reclaim his reputation?”

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