Xie Yun walked out of the Coloured Glaze Courtyard, and raised his head to gaze at the azure sky, a sigh escaping his lips. I really have no choice but to do this. If things go on the way they are, the Xie Family will continue to be oppressed by the Pei Family. If we don’t fight for more power, the day of our decline will inevitably arrive.


Throughout history, the fall of major aristocratic clans was nothing unusual, but I can’t let the Xie Family be ruined in my hands. I can let Liuli have her way with trivial matters, but that can’t be allowed for other more important matters.


Resolution emerged in Xie Yun’s eyes before he regained his usual gentle demeanour and headed for the entrance of the residence. I have to make a trip to the palace now.




In contrast to the depressing atmosphere that surrounded the Xie Residence, the Prince Hao Residence was practically bustling with a celebratory air.


The two guardian lion statues[1] at both sides of the entrance had a large wedding flower ribbon hanging from them[2], and the signboard was decorated with red silk[3].  Even the wide pillars beside the copper gates were decorated with the same red silk.


A horse carriage from the imperial palace stopped before the entrance of the Prince Hao Residence, and a woman wearing a benevolent smile soon alighted. She donned a light brown dress with a golden hairpin in her hair bun, and a senior old maidservant stood next to her.


This woman was none other than Consort Dowager Guo, and this was her first time leaving the palace in many years.


I can already see that the Prince Hao Residence is full of excitement from out here. Her smile involuntarily deepened, and the old maidservant supported her as they walked forward.


A guard stationed at the entrance immediately recognised that the horse carriage and attire of the visitors belonged to the imperial palace, and he deferentially said, “This subordinate pays his respects to Consort Dowager Guo. Please wait here for a moment while this subordinate goes to report to Prince Hao.” He then turned around and rushed into the residence.


Consort Dowager Guo nodded and told the old maidservant. “To see how capable a master is, we can first look at their subordinates. This Consort Dowager didn’t even say anything, yet the guard had already deduced my identity.”


The old maidservant respectfully replied, “What you said is right, Consort Dowager Guo. Everyone is well aware of Prince Hao’s influence; with his help, it would be hard for the Second Imperial Prince to remain away even if he wanted to.”


Her last sentence hit the mark in Consort Dowager’s heart. The latter had come here for two reasons: to visit Su Xi-er whom she found likeable, and more importantly, to see if Pei Qianhao had made any progress with seeking out the Second Imperial Prince.


Soon, a woman clad in a pink dress came out of the residence, and was greeted by Consort Dowager Guo’s smile. “Consort Dowager, you came so suddenly that we didn’t even prepare anything in the residence. You should have notified me earlier.”


Su Xi-er’s face was wreathed in smiles. When the guard had come to notify them a short while ago, Pei Qianhao had been helping her massage her waist. He seemed to have been under the impression that she was nearly dying from the pain; in reality, she only felt a bit sore.


Upon hearing about Consort Dowager Guo’s arrival, she had immediately gotten up and headed for the main entrance.


Consort Dowager Guo grabbed her hand. “The more this Consort Dowager looks at you, the fonder I become of you. If I had known earlier, I should have taken you as my goddaughter.”


“Consort Dowager, let’s enter the residence first before we talk more. Prince Hao is in the main hall.” Su Xi-er held Consort Dowager Guo’s hand as they walked into the residence.


When they entered the main hall, Pei Qianhao was standing beside the upper seat. After noticing Consort Dowager Guo, he personally poured some tea for her.


Su Xi-er took the teacup and passed it to Consort Dowager Guo. “It’s warm; drink some to warm your body.”


Consort Dowager Guo took the teacup as her gaze shuffled between the two of them, finally remarking, “Now that this Consort Dowager has had a chance to watch you two, I have noticed that the both of you have the physiognomic pairing of a married couple[4].”


The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth rose. “That’s a given. After being together with this Prince for a long time, her personality has begun to resemble this Prince, and she has become more overbearing and hard-headed than other women.”


Everyone was aware of Su Xi-er’s arrogant demeanour after witnessing the scene at the night banquet in the palace. After all, she had even dared to teach Crown Prince Chu a lesson. However, Prince Hao’s explanation for her behaviour was simply that she would resemble him after being together for so long. 


In other words, what he was saying was: “Find this Prince if you have any objections. As for how my Princess Consort is, as long as this Prince likes her, no one has any right to gossip about her.”

1. Often placed at the sides of the entrances of the imperial palace, residences of nobles, temples, and other ‘grand’ places in pairs. Here’s an example.

2. I found a picture of the lion statues with the ribbon

3. I’m guessing it looks something like this.

4. This is a difficult concept to explain, but to put it simply, it’s referring to how a married couple look increasingly more like one another as they mutually influence each other spiritually and in terms of habits after being with one another for a long time. These common features also represent how the couple is predestined to be married.

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