Xie Liuli could sense Feng Changqing’s indifference, and understood that he was trying to put a distance between them, but it was the first time that her heart had stirred like this in her life. I do understand that a young lady must be reserved and bashful and all that, but if I don’t make things clear now, I may never ever get to see him again.


Disregarding the so-called reputation a young lady must uphold, she bluntly asked, “Benefactor, what’s your name? Where do you live? Are you a citizen of Beimin? Do you have…” She didn’t know why, but her mouth just couldn’t form the next few words when she saw his shining eyes.


Do you have a wife? Do you have a young lady you like?


Naturally, Feng Changqing wouldn’t answer any of these questions. “Commandery Princess Xie, don’t think too much about meaningless things. You should stop following me, and quickly return to the Commandery Prince Residence. I won’t help you again if you fall.” He then turned to leave without sparing a single glance at Xie Liuli.


Xie Liuli no longer followed, simply watching him in a daze. Even if he doesn’t have a wife, I can tell that he doesn’t have the teeniest bit of feelings towards me. He wasn’t even willing to tell me his name.


Even after Feng Changqing’s figure had disappeared from Xie Liuli’s sight, she was still staring in the direction he had left. Rooted the spot, her legs just refused to budge, and her body froze in place as if her breathing had stopped.


Only when someone called her from behind did she turn around. Ignoring the displeasure in Xie Yun’s eyes, she greeted, “Elder Brother.”


Discerning her low spirits, the ire that had accumulated in Xie Yun’s heart immediately vanished as he raised his hand to caress her head. “You have grown up and become more rebellious, running around outside without my permission. Liuli, I’ve been busy these past few days; you had me worried.”


Xie Liuli raised her head to look at him. “Elder Brother, why don’t you bring me out to play when you’re free?”


Prompted by her words, Xie Yun suddenly realised that he couldn’t recall the last time he had accompanied his younger sister. Now that she had made the request, he couldn’t bear to reject her. “I’ll take you out to tour around when I have the time. We can go anywhere you want as long as it’s not too far away.”


Right after the words left his mouth, a horse carriage from the Commandery Prince Residence entered the alley, and Xie Yun patted his sister’s shoulder. “Let’s go back to the residence; get onto the horse carriage.”


Xie Liuli nodded, and Xie Yun went forward to help her board the carriage. Before she got in, she turned to look into the distance. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see him ever again.


This subtle movement of hers didn’t escape Xie Yun’s eyes. Although he didn’t say anything, he knew that Xie Liuli had something weighing on her mind.  

Only until they reached her courtyard in the Commandery Prince Residence did Xie Yun ask, “Liuli, tell me the truth; for whom did you sneak out of the residence for?”


Xie Liuli understood that based on her brother’s character, her future husband must be someone that he picked out. The best scenario for him would be a marriage alliance, and he will select a family that would benefit the Xie Family. Thus, she decided to lie, “I wanted to go out and play. It has been very stifling staying in my boudoir for more than 10 years.”


Xie Yun was sceptical. “You can’t hide anything from me. Even if you don’t tell me now, I will still find out eventually. I’ll only ask you one question: was it because of a man?”


Xie Liuli’s shocked and panicked expression was clear on her face, only serving to confirm Xie Yun’s suspicions.


“Liuli, with us two siblings being the only two left in the Xie Family, you can’t have the final say in your wedding. Since an elder brother is like a father, I will be making the decision for you.” Xie Yun then left without giving her a chance to reply.


From then on, more guards were stationed in front of the Coloured Glaze[1] Courtyard, and Xie Liuli’s personal maidservants increased from one to two.

1. The ‘li’ in Xie Liuli’s name means something like coloured glaze.

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