The guard saw a ‘Xie’ character written on the waist tablet. He then scrutinised the person in front of him further, and realised that he was very handsome. Hence, he immediately bowed with his hands folded in front of him. “Respectfully welcoming the Commandery Prince back to the capital.”


Xie Yun gently smiled. “This Prince finds it a pity that I didn’t attend Prince Hao’s wedding. However, this Prince will visit him at his residence another day.” He then headed to the Commandery Prince Residence on horseback.


Upon arriving at his residence, Xie Yun immediately went to Xie Liuli’s courtyard. My biological younger sister is my only family in this world. I have been worried about her, especially since I have been away for many days.


However, as soon as he stepped into her courtyard, he saw Xie Liuli’s personal maidservant frantically walking over. “Commandery Prince, the Commandery Princess has gone missing again!”


Xie Yun became anxious. “When did she go missing?”


“The Commandery Princess said that she wanted to take a stroll in the rear garden, so this servant went with her. After that, we entered the gazebo[1] in the garden, and the Commandery Princess wanted some flower cakes[2]However, by the time this servant came back from getting them, the Commandery Princess was already missing. It couldn’t have been more than an hour between me leaving and returning with the flower cakes.”


Xie Yun immediately guessed that Xie Liuli had snuck out of the residence. She probably made use of the fact that I wasn’t around to lure her maidservant away so that she could sneak out on her own.


I have been spoiling her too much, indulging her every wish, resulting in her forgetting the rules. This has become especially prevalent recently, with her always wanting to go out.


What does it mean when an unmarried girl wants to go out? There was a complicated look in Xie Yun’s eyes. Could she have taken a liking to a man? No, that won’t do! I definitely can’t allow my younger sister to fool around.




Meanwhile, Xie Liuli was walking on the main streets while clad in a dress made of a common material. Apart from being worried about her elder brother, she had also been thinking about the tall man who rescued her the other day.


He was very mysterious, even wearing a cloth over his face. However, I was still able to see his eyes shining with spirit. If I can see him and those eyes again, I’ll be able to recognise him right away. 


She had boldly slipped out of the residence just to see if they had the fate to meet again.


Xie Liuli had been walking for a long time, but she still hadn’t found those familiar eyes, and couldn’t help but be a little dejected. I can only come out for four hours, and once I return, I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance to come out again.


She suddenly stopped in her tracks and sighed Then, she turned around and prepared to head for another street. However, just as she turned around, she bumped into a man who was making his way out of another alley.


The man immediately reached out his hand to support her. “Miss, are you alright?”


The familiar voice caused Xie Liuli’s breathing to hitch. Her head immediately jerked up, and a man dressed in blue robes with a blue veil on his face entered her eyes.


That pair of eyes! They’re extremely familiar...that’s right, it’s them!


Xie Liuli was overwhelmed with emotions. Disregarding the people in the surroundings, she immediately grabbed his hand and softly called, “Benefactor.”


Feng Changqing hadn’t expected that he would meet her once again. She’s Commandery Princess Xie, the younger sister of the Eldest Imperial Princess’ enemy.


After his expression returned to normal, he broke free of Xie Liuli’s hand. “Miss, you’ve gotten the wrong person. We haven’t met before.” He then turned to leave.


Xie Liuli didn’t shout for him, but simply followed him. Why did he pretend not to recognise me? Is it because he already has a wife?


Feng Changqing began to take large strides, setting a brisk pace in order to shake her off. However, when he heard the sound of someone falling behind him, he couldn’t bring himself to steel his heart and ignore it. Turning around, he went back to Xie Liuli and helped her back up.


Xie Liuli’s face was smeared with dirt from having fallen down, but she was still smiling happily. “Benefactor, you recognise me, don’t you? Why did you pretend not to remember me just now?”


“Miss, me saving you was really nothing; you don’t have to pay it any mind. Please don’t follow me anymore.” Feng Changqing told her with a placid expression, his eyes calm with nary a ripple.

1. I tried to find a design that was from ancient China.

2. There are many types, so I tried to find an example.

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