The personal guards around Xie Yun didn’t dare to utter a single word, knowing that Xie Yun had been in a foul mood this entire time. Not only were numerous soldiers lost because of Prince Hao’s plot, but even Commander Ye is dead.


Xie Yun gazed into the distance before leaping onto a horse and raising the horsewhip. “Swiftly return to the capital.”


Receiving his order, all the guards immediately mounted their horses and followed Xie Yun.


They had travelled continuously for a kilometre when a group of Imperial Army guards suddenly appeared in front of them with the Third Imperial Prince, Situ Li, in the lead.


Xie Yun immediately steered his horse in the direction of the procession. Despite not understanding his actions, the guards behind him followed suit.


Hearing the sound of horse hooves heading towards his direction, Situ Li immediately turned around. It’s Xie Yun. He fell for Pei Qianhao’s trap, and was occupied until now. It appears that he’s returning to the capital.


“Third Imperial Prince, you have just returned to the capital, and now you’re leaving?” Xie Yun stopped a metre away from them and asked.


Situ Li’s eyes were like emotionless pools as he calmly replied, “The bustle in the capital is not suitable for this Prince. I might as well go to a faraway small county instead.”


“Third Imperial Prince, are you leaving willingly this time? I wonder when you will return; I’m afraid that Consort Dowager Guo will miss you.” Xie Yun glanced at the Imperial Army guards before he moved his horse closer to Situ Li.


“Third Imperial Prince, the Pei Residence is responsible for your Empress Mother’s tragic death. Are you simply going to let yourself be manipulated into leaving just like that?” Xie Yun lowered his voice.


However, Situ Li smiled. “Empress Mother was pure and benign. Even if she was harmed by someone, she still wouldn’t hate them. Commandery Prince Xie, if you wish to deal with Prince Hao, you should do it on your own.”


Situ Li had already made his stance very clear, flatly refusing Xie Yun’s request. If you want to deal with him, do it alone. This Prince doesn’t want to join you.


A soft chuckle escaped from Xie Yun’s lips. “Third Imperial Prince, your opinion is unique. If that’s the case, this Prince won’t force you. Instead, I wish you smooth-sailing journey ahead. This Prince wonders when’s the next time I will see you.”


“Perhaps it will be very soon. Who knows if you will be joining me in the faraway rural county before long?” Situ Li slowly said before turning towards the Imperial Army guards, signalling for them to continue moving forward.


The procession began travelling again, and Xie Yun’s expression darkened as he watched Situ Li’s departing figure. Only the loser will be banished to a faraway rural county. Situ Li is unfathomable; he is sometimes open and upright, but can become vicious in the blink of an eye. I can only say that he conceals himself very deeply.


Is he really willing to be transferred to the rural county this time? After some contemplation, Xie Yun raised his horsewhip and ordered his men to hurry to the capital.


The group sped ahead, but were stopped by the guards at the capital gate when they finally arrived.


Xie Yun stepped forward and loudly chided, “Audacious! How dare you even stop Commandery Prince Xie! Your dog eyes are blind!”


As the guards at the capital gate had been replaced with a new batch of soldiers, none of them had seen Xie Yun before. Besides, how can we let someone who arrived with a group of soldiers and horses casually enter without verifying his identity? The captain of the guards showed no fear, putting on a stern expression as he confidently said, “Take out your waist tablet[1] for us to confirm. Prince Hao’s wedding was a short while ago, so the examination process is much stricter than before. We hope you can understand.”


A cold glint emerged in Xie Yun’s eyes as soon as he heard the words ‘Prince Hao’s wedding’, but he made sure to quickly hide it. He waved his hand to hush the personal guards who were about to lash out and took out his waist tablet. “Look carefully.”

1. A form of identification tag, especially for people with statuses.

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