The temperature in the room surged, and the floor was soon littered with their robes. If one was outside, they would be able to hear the creaking of the sturdy bed frame as well.


After a long while, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li arrived outside of the main courtyard with the lotus seed soup. It’s been so long; the Princess Consort must have returned to the main courtyard. However, right after they entered the main courtyard, they realised that something was amiss. There should still be guards around since it’s the middle of the day, but how come nobody is here?


Ruo Yuan was confused, and involuntarily stopped to ask. “The Princess Consort isn’t in the main courtyard, right? It’s too quiet here.”


“She’s definitely not in the rear garden, and we also checked that there was no one in the main hall. She has to be here. Prince Hao still hasn’t returned from the palace yet. Let’s go.” Hong Li pulled her along as they walked in.


They saw no one in the hall of the main courtyard, and thus deduced that she might be in the main room at the back. Hence, the two of them walked over.


Just as they reached the door of the outer chamber, a series of bashful voices made their way to their ears, causing them to immediately blush.


Hong Li tugged at the dazed Ruo Yuan and whispered, “Quickly leave.”


Ruo Yuan’s expression returned to normal, and she immediately followed Hong Li as they scurried away. Only after they arrived at the hall of the main courtyard did their palpitating hearts calm down.


“Things are bound to get heated often between a newlywed couple. We have to pay more attention when we serve the Princess Consort in the future.” Hong Li patted her chest as she advised Ruo Yuan, who quickly nodded in agreement.


“Prince Hao would definitely be displeased if he finds out. We have to be cautious.”


As such, the two of them were left waiting in the main hall until the lotus seed soup had gone cold. They could only return to the backyard to warm it up again before bringing it back.


The second time they arrived, their faces were full of caution as they gingerly walked to the main hall. Only when they saw Su Xi-er sitting at the upper seat were they finally relieved.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li bowed. “Princess Consort, the lotus seed soup is here.”


Just as the words left their mouths, a large hand deftly took the bowl away.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li watched as Pei Qianhao brought a spoonful of soup up to his lips before blowing on it and feeding Su Xi-er. His practised movements made it clear that he did this frequently. The extent of his affection was enough to astonish others again!


Pei Qianhao turned to the both of them who were still in a daze. “You may withdraw.”


His cold voice caused them to jump in fright, but they quickly bowed. “This servant will take my leave.” They then turned on their heels and hastily left.


Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao. “My waist is sore.”


Pei Qianhao instantly became worried. “Which part of your waist hurts?” His hands quickly travelled to the aforementioned part of her body as he asked.


“Stop tormenting me and it won’t hurt anymore.”


Pei Qianhao stopped moving his hand and lowered his head to gaze at her. “This Prince will instruct Mei Jinxiu to prepare some medicine for you to nourish your body. I will pay attention during this period of time.” His attitude had suddenly become serious all because she had said that it was painful.


Su Xi-er felt a little bad and reluctant upon seeing how he behaved. He is still young and vigorous, as well as having just experienced something new. It’s only natural that he would have some trouble holding himself back, but how am I expected to take it so many times a day?


Thus, she smiled at him. “Why don’t we both take a step back? No more than twice a day, alright?”


“As you wish.” Pei Qianhao accepted and brought another spoonful of soup to her lips.


She parted her lips and drank the soup with a smile, finding it to be very delicious.




In contrast to the warm atmosphere, 500 kilometres away from the capital, Xie Yun had a stormy expression with no vestiges of his usual gentle demeanour. A general under him had passed away, numerous soldiers had died, and still, others had gone missing. 


This has dealt a huge blow to me, and it’s all because of Pei Qianhao! His methods are too vicious! I only just finished settling this matter when one of my subordinates came to report that the Empress Dowager has gone missing from the temple. On top of all of this, Prince Yun not only failed to snatch Su Xi-er away, but even lost his life in the process!

A derisive smile formed at the side of Xie Yun’s mouth. I have overestimated Yun Ruofeng.

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