After properly washing her body, she proceeded to wash and dry her clothes.


Afterwards, she entered the bathhouse, opened the white porcelain bottle, and proceeded to smear medicinal powder on the scars on her arms. These were marks left behind by being whipped in the past. Su Xi-er herself had suffered too many hardships.


Since I am now the one in this body, I won’t let others bully me anymore.


The medicinal powder had a faint fragrance, prompting Su Xi-er to suddenly remembered Pei Qianhao’s words. Unexpectedly, as if it was the work of ghosts and gods, she sprinkled a little of the powder on her neck.


Soon, the refreshing and faint fragrance wafted into her nose. The medicinal powder was rapidly absorbed into her skin. The effect is indeed not bad. 


“Su Xi-er, is that you?” At this moment, Hong Li’s voice could be heard from behind the door.


Su Xi-er immediately hid the white porcelain bottle in her sleeve and replied, “It’s me. You can come in now.”


Hong Li pushed the door lightly and entered. “Old Maidservant Liu instructed Lian Qiao to scrub the chamber pots in your stead. The girl didn’t even wash herself after she finished.”


“Mhm.” Su Xi-er then asked, “It’s so late already. Why aren’t you going to sleep yet?”


Hong Li’s face was immediately scrunched up. “I don’t know what I was infected with while I was plucking grass today, but right now my whole body is unbearably itchy. I originally didn’t think it would be this bad, but now I’ve come to wash myself off in hopes of getting rid of it.”


“Your whole body is itchy? Let me have a look.”


Hong Li immediately loosened her upper outer garment and presented her back to Su Xi-er. “Take a look. Are there a lot of red spots on my back? It’s getting increasingly itchier.” 


Su Xi-er did indeed find many red spots on her back. “You probably brushed up against some sort of plant that is now causing your itchiness. Here, I boiled a little more water today. Wash yourself properly.”


“Alright, I’ll wash right away.” Hong Li immediately prepared to pour the water.


“I’ll help you pour. Bring your clean clothes here first.”


Her words reminded Hong Li as the latter smacked her head. “I am really absent-minded. I came to wash myself without bringing my clothes.” She then ran out to retrieve her clothes.


Su Xi-er poured the remaining hot water into the wooden barrel before adding a bit of cold water as well. Finally, she took out the white porcelain bottle and poured a bit of the medicinal powder into the mixture.


If she just depended on washing her body, there’s no way she’ll be able to completely relieve herself of the itch. Since the effect of this medicinal powder is so superb, it ought to be able to cure itchiness.


This kind of grass that makes people itchy exists in the Palace Side Quarters. Su Xi-er let a small smile appear on her lips. I know how to transfer Ruo Yuan out of the Laundry Service Bureau now. It won’t even involve anyone else’s help. The only downside is that there’s a small risk, and the resulting commotion may be very large.


Hong Li ran over with her clothes. When she saw that the temperature of the water in the tub was already perfect, she was so touched that tears almost fell from her eyes. “Su Xi-er, you are really so good to me. In the past, my attitude towards you was one of collaboration. Right’s fine even if I work like a slave for you!”


Even if it was a tiny favour, as long as it sincerely touched someone’s heart, it would be enough to earn their loyalty.


But Su Xi-er shook her head. “You have your own life. No one is born to work like a slave.”


Hong Li was touched once again. She recalled how she had talked maliciously about Su Xi-er in the past and really wanted to give herself a few slaps!


“Hong Li, where were you plucking the grass?”


“The woods beside the Palace Side Quarters. I was suddenly called to go there. That place isn’t normally managed by the Palace Side Quarters, but it has now been allocated to us. The palace maids from the Palace Side Quarters are to sweep the palace paths at the side and clear the weeds in the woods.”


The woods beside the Palace Side Quarters. It’s actually that place again! The place where I met Pei Qianhao for the first time, and where I was forcefully kissed by him...


“Going there to work is in high demand! Since it was where Prince Hao was ambushed in the past, many palace maids think that they have a chance of meeting him if they work there. If they dress themselves up more refreshingly and beautifully, maybe they will be able to go to the Beauty Palace.” Hong Li stated indifferently. Finally, she shook her head.


“However, Su Xi-er, what you said is very correct. If we rely on men, there’s the danger of falling down. We might as well count on ourselves. Besides, those palace maids aren’t as beautiful as He Xiangyu, let alone you. How would Prince Hao take a fancy to them? But come to think of it, you and Prince Hao…”


As soon as Hong Li mentioned that subject, she saw Su Xi-er’s eyes shoot cold daggers at her and no longer dared to continue. 

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“You have your own life. No one is born to work like a slave.”