Su Xi-er stopped in her tracks. Why would he say that without rhyme or reason? Something that can remove scars can also make the body fragrant? It’s not like it’s a fragrance powder used after one bathes.


“If you rub it often, your body will become fragrant. Try it.” She continued to hear Pei Qianhao’s deep and low voice.


Su Xi-er glanced at him and firmly believed that his perverted illness was acting up again. Finally, she left without saying a word.


Looking in the direction she vanished, the expression in Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. He had deliberately informed her of the other effect of the medicinal powder to check if she would actually use it.


He simply didn’t believe that she didn’t pay any attention to her own body at all. It’s very normal for women to value their appearances and skin.


Su Xi-er traced her steps to return to the Palace Side Quarters. When she entered the palace gate, she saw Old Maidservant Liu standing there waiting for her.


“Why have you only come back now? Don’t you know that you can’t leave the Palace Side Quarters for too long?”


“Eunuch Zhang instructed me to take care of some matters that caused my delay in returning. I have made you worry, Old Maidservant Liu.”


Old Maidservant Liu stared at Su Xi-er and ruminated. “Prince Hao didn’t pass on a verbal edict to punish me. This time, you have won. In the future, feel free to instruct me if there is anything you need. However, I have a condition.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “Is this condition related to His Majesty?”


“You are very intelligent, being able to read between the lines without needing me to prompt you. His Majesty is young and can only be controlled by others. Even if he grows to adulthood, I’m afraid that he still wouldn’t be able to reclaim the imperial authority. I hope that…” Old Maidservant Liu surveyed Su Xi-er closely. This task is too heavy. Can she bear it? She’s just a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. Am I being too careless?


“I am unable to care about what happens to the imperial authority. As long as His Majesty isn’t bullied and leads a healthy life, isn’t that also very good?”


Old Maidservant Liu was stunned. Not caring about the imperial authority and only wanting to live blissfully and healthily. This is exactly the same as what Master said in the past. In an instant, Old Maidservant Liu looked at Su Xi-er in a different light.


“Old Maidservant Liu, you have a condition, but I also have a condition. In the future, you have to listen to my instructions for everything. As for His Majesty, it’s alright as long as he grows up healthily and safely. If you don’t approve of that, I have nothing to say.” Su Xi-er began to walk away.


For some things, less is more. It would be better to just give a sufficient hint.


She had only taken a few steps when Old Maidservant Liu called out to her.


“Alright, I’ll promise you that I’ll listen to you in the future. I hope that His Majesty can be healthy and safe. This was also Master’s wish before she died.”


Su Xi-er tilted her head back to reveal a small smile at the corner of her mouth. “It’s settled then.”


She then walked ahead, leaving Old Maidservant Liu alone as she stood there in a daze.


Su Xi-er’s unintentional smile just now had stunned Old Maidservant Liu. That kind of smile was magnanimous, yet charming at the same time. At the same time, her eyes seemed to exhibit a lustrous radiance that would draw people.


Prince Hao didn’t punish me. Old Maidservant Liu didn’t believe that Prince Hao didn’t know about the matter of her skipping out on the punishment. However, Su Xi-er had come back late. Did she meet Prince Hao?


To Old Maidservant Liu, everything was a puzzle. Right now, her only path was to believe Su Xi-er.




Su Xi-er changed her clothes upon returning to her room, her gaze inadvertently landing on the bottle of medicinal powder given to her by Pei Qianhao as she prepared to go to the bathhouse. After contemplating for a while, she decided to take the white porcelain bottle with her.

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