The next day, Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er got up and ate breakfast together before the former left to attend the morning court assembly. As he did so, Su Xi-er randomly toured the residence with Ruo Yuan and Hong Li by her side.


Ruo Yuan pointed at a grove of trees in the distance. “After careful observation, I realised that the plants in the residence are very different.”


Su Xi-er was interested. “Tell us, what do you mean by different?”


“Look, it’s already winter, but that patch of trees is still verdant. These trees must be the type that remains lush throughout the seasons. There is even an assortment of colourful flowers that are about to bloom in the rear garden!” Ruo Yuan became more excited as she described them. We can still see such wonderful scenery in winter!  

Hong Li laughed. “The trees you mentioned are Chinese holly ー they stay vibrant throughout the year. As for the flowers, they’re all different colours, but are all the same flower: plum blossoms. Many poets compose poetry based on these flowers. They are unafraid of the harsh cold, blooming proudly and unyieldingly.”


“Hong Li, you’re an expert who has hidden your skills; you actually know so much!” Ruo Yuan smiled, her face full of admiration.


Su Xi-er silently observed the scene in front of her. Hong Li was from a family of scholars before she entered the palace, so it’s not surprising that she is well-read. Unfortunately, her family declined to the point that she was forced to enter the palace. As for her parents, I’m afraid that they are no longer of this world. Otherwise, why didn’t Hong Li look for them when she was allowed out?


“Why don’t we go to the rear garden to take a look?” Ruo Yuan suddenly suggested. I really want to look at the plum blossoms again.


Su Xi-er nodded. “Alright, we’ll go now then.”


The three of them soon arrived at the rear garden, appreciating the scenery.


Without paying attention to the time, the three were still in the rear garden when Pei Qianhao returned from the court assembly. He didn’t find Su Xi-er in the main hall, but before he could go far, a guard came up to inform him, “Prince Hao, the Princess Consort is admiring the plum blossoms in the rear garden.”


Pei Qianhao nodded and turned towards the direction of the rear garden. He had only walked for a while when he saw Feng Changqing dressed in his blue robes, also heading the same way.


Hearing footsteps behind him, Feng Changqing immediately turned around, his chest tightening upon seeing Pei Qianhao. Could Prince Hao be suspecting something? However, Pei Qianhao’s next words had him frozen in his tracks.


“Feng Changqing, this Prince already knows about your identity: a previous subordinate of Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess. You are very loyal, and have even lost your handsome appearance for her sake.” Pei Qianhao spoke as he approached Feng Changqing, finally stopping three steps away from the latter.


“It’s because of your loyalty to your master that this Prince ordered you to be the Princess Consort’s bodyguard. I can only rest assured if it’s someone I know is loyal.”


Feng Changqing’s gaze deepened as he stared at Pei Qianhao. Suddenly saying such things...could he have already discovered the Eldest Imperial Princess’ identity?


“This Prince already knows all about the Princess Consort’s matters. Are you heading to the rear garden because you have something to report?”


Feng Changqing didn’t answer, only staring at him calmly after recovering from his shock.


Pei Qianhao inwardly praised Feng Changqing. I have already said so much, yet he is still silently observing and keeping his mouth tightly shut. Not only is he adept in combat skills, his prowess in floriculture is also one of the finest. I must admit that my wife’s loyal subordinate is very powerful.


To judge a master, one can just look at their subordinates. Ning Rulan’s formidable strength is reflected in Feng Changqing’s own ability.


After a while, Feng Changqing was finally willing to open his mouth. He bowed at Pei Qianhao before saying, “Prince Hao, even if you already know about the Eldest Imperial Princess’ identity, this subordinate still cannot tell you what I am going to report. I can only tell the Eldest Imperial Princess. If you wish to know, you can ask her.”

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