Su Xi-er sat in Pei Qianhao’s embrace and leaned against his chest. His large arms circled around her, and the sash of his outer robes had come off as he wrapped them around her.


Even if the frigid wind from outside the carriage blew in, he would be able to block it with his robust body. Feeling very warm, the corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth involuntarily rose. Finally, she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his embrace.


She had yet to wake up when they arrived at the Prince Hao Residence, so Pei Qianhao carefully carried her as he alighted the carriage.


The guards at the entrance were about to pay their respects when Pei Qianhao signalled for them to be quiet, carrying Su Xi-er into the main courtyard.


The guards exchanged a glance with each other, but didn’t say a word, having long since grown used to such scenes. In this world, only Princess Consort Hao can make Prince Hao act like that.


Pei Qianhao paid extra attention as he gently set Su Xi-er on the bed. He then seated himself on the edge before slowly helping her remove her dress.


Su Xi-er moaned in her sleep and pushed his hand away, turning the other side as she continued sleeping. Her current appearance was mischievous and adorable to Pei Qianhao.


Regardless of how composed a person usually was, they would act like a child in front of their loved one.


Pei Qianhao softly chuckled and whispered, “How are you going to sleep without removing your dress?” He then reached out to loosen her clothes.


Su Xi-er grumbled in her sleep, annoyed at the feeling of someone touching her. Trying to get her unknown assailant off as soon as possible, she twisted around. This helped Pei Qianhao in getting her dress off, but also served to entice him further.


However, Pei Qianhao couldn’t bear to disturb Su Xi-er’s peaceful rest. In the end, he removed his outer robes and placed them together with her outer dress on the clothes rack before lying beside her.


It was slightly after 1 am when Su Xi-er groggily woke up. Upon remembering that she had yet to wash up, she immediately got up, but she was pulled back by Pei Qianhao before she could get down from the bed.


Having just woken up, his voice was a little hoarse. “Where are you going?”  

“Boiling water to wash up. You haven’t bathed yet either, right? I’ll go and get the water.”


Pei Qianhao sat up and hugged her, all signs of sleepiness vanishing from his eyes. “Let’s go together.” He let go of her and got down from the bed to pass her outer clothes to her.


Su Xi-er took them and put them on before the two of them headed out to the back of the main courtyard.


After spending an hour, they managed to boil a sizable amount of water, but Su Xi-er finally found out that he wasn’t looking for a simple bath.


There was a considerable amount of water poured into the wooden bathtub, and the temperature had been adjusted before they added Lingrui flower powder. Su Xi-er stood before the wooden bathtub as she watched Pei Qianhao remove his outer clothes.


After Pei Qianhao had removed his outer robes, he looked at her. “This Prince will help you strip later.”


The ‘washing up’ he was referring to is having a bath together. I can only blame myself for being too naive and not thinking that much. We’ve even done the most intimate act, so bathing together in our own courtyard can’t be considered much.


I’m just afraid that he would be too excited and it would end up tormenting me. Su Xi-er vigilantly looked at him. “It’s past 1 am. If you…”


“It’s fine, you can wake up late tomorrow.” Pei Qianhao had already removed his inner pants, as he swiftly walked towards her. “The water is going to turn cold. Do you plan on getting sick?” He then reached out his hand, and her red dress fell to the ground, quickly followed by her inner shirt and pants.


Pei Qianhao carried her and carefully placed her in the wooden bathtub before stepping in and hugging her from behind.


The two of them were only washing up at the beginning, but the atmosphere grew increasingly heated as time went on. In the end, Su Xi-er’s hands clung onto the sides of the wooden bathtub as the water inside swayed violently, and the room was filled with warmth.


An hour later, Pei Qianhao let go of her in satisfaction and helped her scrub her body again. Finally, he helped her put on her clothes before dressing himself. A short while later, Pei Qianhao carried Su Xi-er back to the main room.

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