As expected, Chu Linglong no longer spoke, focusing only on his meal with a sullen expression. It was clear that he wasn’t in the mood to listen to the festive music or watch the dancers swaying around.


The banquet was extremely lively as the ministers continued to congratulate and offer toasts to Pei Qianahao, a gesture that he happily returned. 


It was only after 9 pm that the festivities slowly wound down. Receiving a meaningful look from Pei Qianhao, Situ Lin stood up and announced the end of the banquet.


Pei Qianhao helped Su Xi-er up before the two intertwined their hands, bidding everyone a good night before finally leaving the courtyard.


Following that, the various envoys and officials slowly filtered out of the courtyard. In order to maintain his image, Situ Lin was the last to leave. Only when he returned to the Dragon Heaven Palace did he regain his real temperament. Thud! He had already leapt towards the Dragon Bed, and was gleefully rubbing against the quilt. “My dear bed, this Emperor has finally come for you. It has been so tiring today.”


But as soon as the words had left his mouth, he heard a woman’s laughter from behind him, causing his chest to tighten. Oh no, that sounded like Imperial  Aunt! But didn’t she already leave? If she is here, then it means that Imperial Uncle is too!


Situ Lin immediately crawled up from the bed, feeling a chilly gaze shoot in his direction as soon as he turned around. Patting down his dragon robes, he quickly lowered his head. “Imperial Uncle, why did you suddenly come to the Dragon Heaven Palace so late at night? I haven’t even made any proper preparations.”


Pei Qianhao replied in a low voice. “Your performance at tonight’s banquet was pretty good; you displayed much of an emperor’s imposing aura. This Prince specially came here to compliment you, but I didn’t expect…”


Having been caught red-handed, Situ Lin’s eyes were full of regret. I shouldn’t have been so careless and immediately pounced on my bed as soon as I ran into the inner hall. Am I going to be punished?


Su Xi-er walked forward and smiled. “Your Majesty is looking more and more like an emperor. Your Imperial Uncle and I had originally already settled ourselves in the horse carriage, but he specially alighted and walked to the Dragon Heaven Palace to visit you. Even if you’re sprawled out on the bed, your Imperial Uncle is still delighted on the inside. Everyone gets tired, and an emperor is not different.”


Situ Lin was extremely moved, the rims of his eyes reddening as he raised his head to look at Pei Qianhao. “Imperial Uncle, are you really happy?” Is he really happy for me from the bottom of his heart?


“This Prince is naturally happy that Your Majesty has improved. Just make sure to check that there is nobody around in the future before you let you rest like what you did just now. Do you understand?”


Situ Lin repeatedly nodded. “I understand now. Imperial Uncle, you are teaching me to observe the situation before I act. Will the two of you stay in the Dragon Heaven Palace tonight?”


“This Prince only came to visit you. We will be returning to the Prince Hao Residence.” Pei Qianhao gestured at Su Xi-er. “Come here.”


Su Xi-er patted Situ Lin’s shoulder. “Remember to take things one step at a time, and don’t be too nervous.” She then turned around and walked to Pei Qianhao’s side.


Watching their departing figures, Situ Lin could deeply feel the happiness in his Imperial Uncle’s heart. The past Imperial Uncle would always be on his own, entering and exiting the palace alone, but now, there is a woman in red beside him.


With someone accompanying Imperial Uncle, he will no longer be lonely. Now it is up to me to work hard so that Imperial Uncle can stop worrying about me. Only then can he peacefully spend more time with Imperial Aunt.


Situ Lin’s smile grew larger the more he thought about it. Only when he heard the voice of the palace maid did he return to his senses. He quickly put on a solemn expression before ordering her to bring a basin of water for him to wash up.




Meanwhile, the horse carriage from the Prince Hao Residence was rapidly travelling down the nearly abandoned street.

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