At this moment, the taciturn Hua Yirong finally chimed in. “Princess Consort Hao, you have considered all the details. Your suggestion will allow everyone to remain sober while allowing us to discern who has the better alcohol tolerance. Anyone under the effect of alcohol would become even more dizzy, or even faint after spinning around. However, this is disadvantageous for you, Princess Consort Hao. Crown Prince Chu has been practising martial arts from a young age; spinning on the spot is nothing to him.”


Pei Qianhao replied, “The Princess Consort is magnanimous; she won’t fuss about such tiny matters.”


Agitated by his words, Chu Linglong waved his hand. “This Prince will have a handicap. I will spin 10 times before you start. How is that?”


Su Xi-er accepted his proposal. “It’s fine. Please begin, Crown Prince Chu.”


Chu Linglong swept his gaze across the audience before he went forward to stand in the middle of the floor and begin spinning.


His purple robes fluttered with the night breeze, emanating a more intense and alluring aura. Su Xi-er also went forward and started spinning after Chu Linglong was done with his 10 rounds.


Su Xi-er’s movements were very gentle as she spun, and her red dress danced along with her, like a proudly blooming flower and amidst a sea of red waves in the wind.


The audience was unconsciously drawn in as they watched her. No wonder Prince Hao treats her as a treasure. Which man wouldn’t like such a wonderful person?


Situ Lin smiled so widely that his eyes almost formed a line. However, he immediately wiped it off his face when he felt his Imperial Uncle’s cold line of sight on him. I must display the authority of an emperor in front of everyone.


Su Xi-er’s movements became increasingly faster, while Chu Linglong seemed to be slowing down. However, he was unwilling to be outdone. It’s totally unacceptable to lose to a woman!


At this moment, Su Xi-er deliberately stopped and smiled as she looked at Chu Linglong.


Thinking that Su Xi-er had stopped moving because she was dizzy, and being fully aware that he couldn’t hold on any longer, Chu Linglong immediately stopped. However, he stopped so suddenly that he wasn’t able to control his centre of gravity, causing him to stumble a few steps back.


Su Xi-er looked at the audience. “Crown Prince Chu was unsteady on his feet. Who is considered the winner for this round?”  

All the ministers replied one after another, “It’s naturally Princess Consort Hao.”


By the time Chu Linglong regained his balance, he realised that he had been tricked! Su Xi-er purposely set a trap for me by suddenly stopping! This female fox is too sly!


“Crown Prince Chu, one should dare to lose when they dare to compete.” Su Xi-er smiled at him before walking back to Pei Qianhao’s side. She sat down and winked at him, as if she was saying, ‘it’s your turn to take the stage’.


Understanding what she was signalling at him, Pei Qianhao stood up. “Crown Prince Chu, the purpose of this palace banquet is for celebration, so it wouldn’t be good to hurt the harmonious atmosphere we have. Even if you lose, no one present would gossip about it. Servants, come and support Crown Prince Chu back to his seat.”


The words ‘lose’ and ‘support’ greatly agitated Chu Linglong. However, despite having suffered a loss, he couldn’t say anything about it. He could only sullenly walk back to his own seat, leaving even the taciturn Hua Zhirong with a wealth of mirth dancing in his eyes.


He’s ridiculing me! Chu Linglong stared ahead. It’s the first time I have made a fool out of myself in front of everyone.


Seeing that Chu Linglong had more or less received his punishment, Situ Lin spoke, “Everyone, please feel free to eat as much as you like for tonight’s celebration. Ceremonial Officer, go and pass down the order for the dances to begin.”


The Ceremonial Officer immediately nodded, and hastily walked to the side of the stage before waving his hand. Soon, the sounds of silk and bamboo music could be heard, creating a lively atmosphere when accompanied by the lithe movements of the dancers.


Pei Qianhao lowered his head and whispered to Su Xi-er. “Is your head hurting from having drunk so much?”


“This bit of wine isn’t considered much. I’m fine; you don’t have to worry.” Su Xi-er smiled as she replied, picking out some dishes for him.


“Drinking wine will only lead to making a botch of matters. You’re not allowed to drink in the future; this is the only exception, do you understand?”


Su Xi-er grinned. “Alright. Anyway, look at how Crown Prince Chu has been silent since he was taught a lesson. He won’t dare to mouth off again in the near future.”

Chu Linglong noticed the interaction between the two of them. This married couple conspired together to deal with me. It’s considered my defeat this time!

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