Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air in shock again as their gazes shifted between Chu Linglong and Pei Qianhao. It wasn’t that Prince Hao was hiding behind his woman, but that he simply didn’t deign to take action! The ministers from Beimin inwardly cheered. Crown Prince Chu spoke with no restraint on Beimin’s territory. It’s about time to show him who’s boss! Serves him right for trying to stir up trouble and underestimating Beimin!


Hence, everyone’s gazes converged on Su Xi-er once again. We can count on Princess Consort Hao to douse Crown Prince Chu’s arrogant flames! In an instant, the officials from Beimin began to truly appreciate Su Xi-er. Although she was a maidservant, this aura of hers is a perfect match for Prince Hao!


Despite being baffled about how a maidservant could develop such a demeanour in just a few months, everyone agreed that it was due to Prince Hao’s overwhelmingly strong presence and aura. After being together with him every day, it’s inevitable that Princess Consort Hao would end up the same way.


It isn’t as if she’s simply undeservingly conceited either; this arrogance springs from a well of self-confidence!


It wasn’t long before the guards returned with many pots of wine, and the palace maids filled the large winecups.


Su Xi-er raised her winecup faster than Chu Linglong, and gave a smile. “Crown Prince Chu, I would like to express my gratitude to you for travelling all this way just to celebrate the wedding of Prince Hao and I. I am willing to accept the outcome regardless of what happens, so I hope that you won’t make things difficult for me either, Crown Prince Chu.”


She then downed the contents of her large winecup in one go. The large cup was equivalent to three normal ones, and being able to do such a thing was already enough to prove her worth. There were hardly any women in Beimin who possessed such spirit!


On top of that, she relied on reason to justify her speech. After the Princess Consort has been so magnanimous, Crown Prince Chu would only appear to be a petty and sore loser if he insists on pushing the matter!  

Chu Linglong had no choice but to admit that Su Xi-er was very eloquent, with every one of her words holding a deep undertone. As expected, birds of a feather flock together. The experienced and astute fox, Pei Qianhao, has found another similarly sly female fox.


With the two of them joining hands, I may very well face certain death if I’m not cautious. Chu Linglong immediately hid his thoughts behind a facade, and dared not be careless.


He immediately took the winecup presented by the palace maid behind him and filled it, respectfully bowing to the crowd before downing its contents.


He had just finished drinking when he heard a crisp clap, and Su Xi-er’s slow and soft voice filled the air again. “You can really hold your liquor well, Crown Prince Chu. Fill it up again!”


The palace maid acknowledged her order and immediately poured wine for Chu Linglong.


In order to salvage his reputation, he downed it in a few mouthfuls without saying a word. The palace maid behind Su Xi-er also poured another cup, leaving the Princess Consort to polish it off just as quickly as she had the first.


Su Xi-er’s current rosy smiling visage mesmerised those present, and the foreign tribe leaders couldn’t help but be visibly moved as feelings of respect surged in their hearts.


Pei Qianhao was extremely displeased when he noticed their blatantly obvious reverence all over their faces, and turned to Su Xi-er who was currently exuding a mature charm with her slightly narrowed eyes.


It was unclear how many cups Chu Linglong had drunk when he suddenly found himself getting a little dizzy. When he looked at Su Xi-er, however, he saw that her face was perfectly composed. I...can’t possibly have lost, right?


With her acute observation skills, Su Xi-er detected that there was something amiss with Chu Linglong, and set down the winecup with a smile. “Even people who can hold their liquor well will get drunk. There are still dance and opera performances that we must enjoy later, so let’s not drink anymore. However...”


Everyone’s curiosity was piqued at the last word. The competition has yet to end, and it feels like neither of them is even drunk yet. There’s no result!


Amidst everyone’s puzzlement, Su Xi-er proposed, “Crown Prince Chu, let us spin around on the spot. Whoever lasts the longest will be the winner.”

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