“This Crown Prince is impressed by Princess Consort Hao for being so quick-witted and able to learn. Even more than that, I also revere Prince Hao. This Prince is genuinely impressed by not only your governance and military accomplishments, but even your skill in painting. It is little wonder that Beimin has begun to value literature.” Chu Linglong raised his winecup. “This Crown Prince offers a toast to Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao.” He downed the contents of his cup.


When an important figure from another country offered a toast, the receiving party would also be required to return the gesture as a form of courtesy.


Pei Qianhao picked up his winecup, but before the palace maid behind him could pour anything, the wine pot was given to Su Xi-er


“Fill the cup for this Prince.” Pei Qianhao placed the cup in front of Su Xi-er, his frigid aura having dissipated quite significantly.


Knowing that he wanted to drink this time, Su Xi-er picked up the wine pot and poured some out for him.


“This Prince offers a toast to Crown Prince Chu.” Pei Qianhao immediately downed its contents.


Chu Linglong’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort Hao, aren’t you going to offer a toast to this Crown Prince?”


Before Su Xi-er could say anything, Pei QIanhao volunteered, “This Prince will return the toast in Princess Consort’s stead.” He raised his wine cup back in front of Su Xi-er so that she could help him fill it again.


However, Su Xi-er shook her head, and asked Chu Linglong. “Crown Prince Chu, do you like drinking wine the most?”


Despite not understanding her reason behind the question, he still truthfully answered. “I indeed love drinking wine the most. What, you want to compare alcohol tolerance with this Crown Prince?”  

A gentle chuckle escaped between Su Xi-er’s lips. “Crown Prince Chu, you like to jest. How can a man and woman compete in something like that? Even if they say that you’re as beautiful as a woman, you’re still not allowed to compete with a woman on such things.”


Her seemingly casual words left a different taste in other people’s hearts. Princess Consort Hao is mocking the Crown Prince Chu for his feminine appearance!


Chu Linglong’s expression was stormy. Unacceptable! She didn’t leave even a teeny bit of face for me in front of the officials! If she insists on being so arrogant, then it doesn’t matter if I act willfully as well.


Hence, he simply declared, “This Crown Prince doesn’t care about how others gossip. I will compete with you in terms of alcohol capacity tonight. Servants, come and fill this Prince’s cup.”


The palace maid behind him knowingly went forward to follow his order.


Since war has already been declared on him, he would appear to be petty if he doesn’t accept. Although Beimin was beginning to value literature, it was undeniable that it had emphasised the military for the majority of its history, resulting in numerous men being full of a martial artist’s spirit. Some women in Beimin had also been influenced by such spirit, and were more powerful than women from other countries.


Having discerned Su Xi-er’s intentions, Pei Qianhao immediately looked at her and lowered his voice. “This Prince doesn’t allow you to drink wine.”


“Crown Prince Chu is too arrogant, and I should snuff out that pompous air of his. Don’t worry about me; my alcohol tolerance is plenty high.”


As a citizen of Nanzhao, and originally the Eldest Imperial Princess at that, my alcohol tolerance is already a given. One has to know that Nanzhao is a country famous for wine. Crown Prince Chu is really full of himself. Wait until he sees how I am going to teach him a lesson!


Pei Qianhao noticed the subtle glint in Su Xi-er’s eyes, then turned to look at Chu Linglong’s ignorant expression. Tsk tsk, the Princess Consort is going to make her move, yet Crown Prince Chu is still so smug at this moment.


“With such high spirits, how can I possibly refuse Crown Prince Chu’s invitation? The winecup is too small; I can’t drink to my satisfaction. Servants, come and change it to a larger one.”


Everyone’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Is the Princess Consort too hubristic or can she really hold her liquor well? She’s planning to make Crown Prince Chu drunk by changing the size of the cups?


Chu Linglong heartily laughed. “How could this Crown Prince be scared of a woman? We’ll use the largest cup. If this Crown Prince accidentally causes the Princess Consort to become drunk, will you fly into a rage, Prince Hao?”


The deep and imposing voice of a man answered him. “Of course not; besides, it’s too soon to determine the outcome already.”


Chu Linglong found himself having trouble keeping his reputation. Pei Qianhao is too arrogant and conceited! Hence, he simply laughed. “Prince Hao, how can you bear to see the Princess Consort taking on this competition? It wouldn’t be good if people begin to gossip that you’re a man who hides behind a woman.”


“Don’t worry Crown Prince Chu, this Prince is naturally more than a match for the Princess Consort. If you can’t win against her, then you’re not a match for this Prince either.” His voice was cold, and his emotionless gaze drilled into Chu Linglong.

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