Grand Tutor Kong nodded and instructed Xiao Yuanzi and a guard to head to the Imperial Library right away. After all, she calls me ‘godfather’. If she can obtain the praise of the audience, it would also make me proud. He was someone who respected any talented person, regardless of their gender.


Chu Linglong picked up the winecup from his table and gently swayed it. “Writing materials? Princess Consort Hao, will you be painting or composing poems?”


Pei Qianhao coldly spoke before Su Xi-er could reply. “Crown Prince, you can patiently wait to see what she has in store. How can you be so impatient when you’re someone who’s going to become the monarch of a nation?”


Every time a new emperor was about to ascend the throne, the court would undoubtedly be thrown into turmoil. If it was handled well, the country would grow; conversely, the country would suffer if such matters were poorly taken care of.


Hearing the underlying implication in Pei Qianhao’s words, Chu Linglong inwardly snorted. He’s indeed experienced and astute, and his schemes truly run deep. Left with no response, Chu Linglong turned back to Su Xi-er. Let me see what she’s up to.


At the other side was Hua Zirong, who had stayed silent all this time. He had only focused on slowly drinking the wine in his cup, sneaking a few glances at Su Xi-er from time to time. This isn’t the first time this woman has challenged Crown Prince Chu, and she has managed to leave him speechless each time. That in of itself is a considerable ability.


Everybody’s curiosity continued to mount, and amidst their collective murmuring, the writing materials and desk finally arrived.


Su Xi-er walked forward and asked Xiao Yuanzi to help her grind the inkstick. Then, she looked towards Chu Linglong. “I will be painting tonight, but not just a painting of plants; I will be drawing a portrait. Crown Prince Chu, since you were the first to speak, I will paint you. It will take me less than 15 minutes.”


The skilled painters in the crowd knew that painting something like plants was easy, but that drawing people would be the most difficult thing. Not only must the painting display their appearance, it also had to reflect their aura. It would normally take a few hours to paint a beautiful piece of work, yet Su Xi-er had claimed that she could do it within 15 minutes!


Everyone couldn’t help but be curious about how she was going to accomplish it, with even Grand Tutor Kong being sceptical. How will she complete such a challenging task?


In stark contrast, Pei Qianhao was the picture of tranquility. He slowly sipped his tea as the corners of his mouth occasionally rose, revealing his good mood. My woman is quite amazing. These people should wait to have their eyeballs fall out of their sockets.


Everyone’s gazes were on Su Xi-er’s brush. The ink had been prepared, and she briefly glanced at Chu Linglong before starting, her head never raising during the entire process. Her brush nimbly danced over the paper, and it was clear to everyone that she was no amateur.


Although Ning Rulan’s mother was from a minority group, she had greatly valued literature, especially calligraphy and painting. As for dancing, Ning Rulan had chosen to pick it up out of her fondness for it. On the other hand, she had been compelled by circumstances to learn to govern the country.


It wasn’t as if people were strong and tough the moment they came out of their mother’s womb. Strong people, like Ning Rulan and Pei Qianhao, were both products of their circumstances.


Despite being the one who understood painting best, Grand Tutor Kong’s eyes were filled with confusion. Is Su Xi-er really from the Palace Side Quarters? Did she really come from an impoverished background before she entered the palace? He couldn’t help but be doubtful.


Chu Linglong had only finished half of his cup when the painting was completed. When Xiao Yuanzi went forward to take a look, his frozen expression only served to heighten everyone’s anticipation.


Some people were already yelling, “Quickly bring it over and show us!”


Only then did Xiao Yuanzi return to his senses. He carefully picked up the painting and raised his arms up high as he brought the painting over to the audience.


With the help of the bright moonlight and red lanterns, everyone saw the person in the painting, and their eyes widened. Even Grand Tutor Kong couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath of air. This painting is...absolutely marvellous!

When Chu Linglong saw it, his fists clenched tightly, and his face turned green from ire. Su Xi-er! To think that I never saw this coming!

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