After they entered the main hall, Consort Dowager Guo personally pulled a chair out for Su Xi-er, gesturing for the latter to take a seat while smiling.


Su Xi-er felt a little embarrassed by Consort Dowager Guo’s kindness, but immediately sat down when she heard the next words out of her mouth.


“If only this Consort Dowager had given birth to a daughter, I wouldn’t have to worry so much. Unfortunately, I gave birth to a son who has been roaming around without a care in the world. This Consort Dowager would have taken you as my goddaughter if Grand Tutor Kong hadn’t; why didn’t you come asking this Consort Dowager, Prince Hao?” Consort Dowager Guo wore a benevolent smile as she playfully lamented.


Pei Qianhao smiled as he replied, “Consort Dowager, how could this Prince have disturbed you when you were peacefully praying to Buddha?”


“But this Consort Dowager really likes such an adorable lass.” Consort Dowager Guo remarked as she looked at Su Xi-er. It’s clear that she is a great beauty with just a glance, and she only looks prettier when I look closer. It feels like I can’t get tired of looking at her. It’s no wonder Prince Hao treasures her so much and goes to great lengths for her.


Seeing that Consort Dowager Guo was practically beaming, Su xi-er made a small joke to break the ice. “Consort Dowager, I will become arrogant if you praise me so much.” 


Consort Dowager Guo immediately understood her implication, and it only served to make her like Su Xi-er more. To be honest, His Majesty is still young, leaving Prince Hao as the one who holds the most influence in Beimin. Thus, there is naturally no woman in the imperial harem whose status can match Princess Consort Hao’s.


Su Xi-er is neither haughty nor hot-tempered, and instead has a gentle and pleasant disposition which is hard to come by.


“Consort Dowager, this Prince shall leave Xi-er here with you until tonight’s banquet.” He lowered his head to look at Su Xi-er. “This Prince will be going to the Dragon Heaven Palace to inspect His Majesty’s homework; I have to make sure he isn’t slacking off.”


Su Xi-er nodded and gently replied, “Go on then. I will accompany Consort Dowager Guo.”


Pei Qianhao softly replied with an affirmative before bowing to Consort Dowager Guo and turning to leave.


Just as Pei Qianhao was making his way out of the repose palace, Ye Qingzhu came by holding a tray as she headed towards the main hall. When she saw that Pei Qianhao was leaving, she immediately chased after him in panic, causing the tray in her hands to almost slip.


“Prince Hao,” Ye Qingzhu called. She then gripped the tray properly as she bowed.


Pei Qianhao could guess what she wanted to say, and immediately severed all her hopes. “Stay in the Consort Dowager’s repose palace properly, and you will be freed from your duties when you turn 18.”


“Prince Hao, this servant has served in the Prince Hao Residence for many years; I can’t bear to leave now.” Ye Qingzhu didn’t dare to reveal the real reason for her desire to stay; she was afraid that Pei Qianhao would refuse her if he found out.


“Ye Qingzhu, this Prince knows about your feelings for Wu Ling. However, your presence will interfere with his ability to work for this Prince.” Pei Qianhao then walked off.


Ye Qingzhu pursed her lips. He was the one who told me back then to fight for what I like, yet he deliberately transferred me out of the Prince Hao Residence. Putting me in the Consort Dowager’s repose palace, he’s even taken away my ability to silently watch Big Brother Wu from a distance.


Her heart painfully pounded in her chest, and it was the first time in her life that she had been faced with such helpless sorrow. There was nothing for her to do but turn around and continue towards the main hall.


She had just stepped in when she saw Su Xi-er and Consort Dowager Guo jovially chatting with one another. Su Xi-er is at the peak of her glory, and is the envy of everyone.


Consort Dowager Guo spotted Ye Qingzhu and instructed, “Qingzhu, place the teapot here and pour a cup for Princess Consort Hao.” She then turned to Su Xi-er. “The tea this lass brews is good. Have a try.”


Su Xi-er obediently nodded, her gaze landing on Ye Qingzhu.

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