“Ye Qingzhu.” Su Xi-er called her name and became solemn. “Working in the palace will be good for both you and Wu Ling.”


She then stood up and summoned a guard. “Send Miss Qing back to the palace. Make sure there are no slip-ups.”


The guard bowed and gestured at Ye Qingzhu. “Miss Qing, please.”


Ye Qingzhu bit her lips before finally leaving the main hall. Pei Qianhao had arranged for her to serve in Consort Dowager Guo’s repose palace. Although it was a comfortable job with an amicable master, she just couldn’t accept it.


Watching Ye Qingzhu’s departing figure, Su Xi-er shook her head. I hope she can snap out of it soon.


Ye Qingzhu had just left when Feng Changqing entered the main hall and bowed with his hands folded in front. “Princess Consort, a letter from Nanzhao.” He secretly took out the envelope from his sleeve and passed it to Su Xi-er.


It must be a letter from Lianchen. He has reached Nanzhao so quickly. Worried, she immediately opened the letter and carefully pored over it.


After the news of Prince Yun dying from illness in the Prince Yun Residence spread, it left the whole nation in shock because of his revered status in the hearts of the civilians. In order to pacify his old subordinates and assuage the worries of the civilians, a grand funeral must be held.


In addition, Ning Anlian’s palace burned to the ground the day that the news was made public, and Ning Anlian herself perished within. Following our investigations, it appears that she set the fire herself.


I will handle all the matters in Nanzhao properly, so you don’t have to worry, Imperial Elder Sister.


Despite the major events that had been described in the letter, Su Xi-er remained very calm, passing the letter back to Feng Changqing as she spoke, “Burn it.”


Feng Changqing couldn’t help but open the letter up after he saw Su Xi-er’s expression. He froze when he had read through its contents.


Immediately after, he heard Su Xi-er speak softly and slowly, “So it turned out that Ning Anlian didn’t go mad at all. She was just feigning it. I once hated her, but now, I pity her. Even though Yun Ruofeng wantonly abandoned her, she still unwaveringly stood by his side. Perhaps she would have been a kind woman if she had been born into a different family.”


Only after a long while did Feng Changqing reply, “In this subordinate’s opinion, you are the kindest. Yun Ruofeng and Ning Anlian employed such cruel methods, yet you…” Seem to have forgiven them without even holding the slightest grudge.


Su Xi-er smiled. “Nanzhao is getting better and better. Lianchen really has the disposition of an emperor, and he has many of Prince Yun’s former subordinates supporting him. I am very happy that the situation has turned out so well. Of course, I am even happier that I met him.”


Feng Changqing naturally knew who she was referring to. The Eldest Imperial Princess is talking about Prince Hao. I’m also happy that she has obtained happiness, and I’m sure it is the case for all her former subordinates as well.


“Feng Changqing, I will find a way to restore your appearance. Don’t refuse me.” Su Xi-er slowly said as she stared at the coarse veil he wore.


He got these scars because of me, so it is my responsibility to come up with a way to heal them.


“This subordinate is already used to this face. In fact, I am rather satisfied with it.”


Su Xi-er clearly didn’t buy it. “If that’s the case, why are you covering your face with a veil? You know my personality very well. Once I have decided on something, there’s no changing my mind.”


Feng Changqing saw the firm determination in her eyes. How can I not understand the Eldest Imperial Princess’ personality? Thus, he could only acquiesce, “This subordinate will listen to your arrangements.”


“Weren’t you supposed to be in the flower field? Did you see Yu Xiao?” Su Xi-er suddenly remembered that Yu Xiao had gone to look for Feng Changqing to practise martial arts. How come Feng Changqing has returned without Yu Xiao?


“Yu Xiao is very motivated. I ordered him to do a horse stance squat[1] for four hours at the flower field before returning.”


It was at this moment that Pei Qianhao came over.


He stopped before Feng Changqing and said, “This Prince has realised that it isn’t just floriculture that you are skilled in, but combat as well. From now on, you will be fully in charge of managing the flower field. More importantly, you will be the Princess Consort’s bodyguard. You are to ensure that the Princess Consort is safe and sound.” Pei Qianhao had made this decision after much contemplation.


Only a subordinate who keeps following their master will be loyal. With Feng Changqing’s abundance of experience, he is well suited to being Xi-er’s bodyguard.

1. A very common basic stance in Chinese martial arts. Here’s an image so that you can have an idea.

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