“Just shoot.”


Seeing how straightforward Su Xi-er was, Mei Jinxiu didn’t hesitate. “I have a medical clinic that is located in the capital, and many of the uncles and aunts are already used to visiting because the consultation fee is lower than the other clinics. Even if I am now a part of the Prince Hao Residence, I can’t just leave the clinic unattended.” Mei Jinxiu paused at this juncture, expecting that Su Xi-er would definitely understand what she was implying.


“I don’t need you to be in the residence every day, so there’s no need for you to abandon your clinic. I can even help out when you’re too busy.” Su Xi-er smiled. “I’m not a spoiled young miss who needs you to babysit me every day.”


Mei Jinxiu’s eyes were filled with respect. “No wonder you’re popular with people. Not only is Prince Hao extraordinary, even the woman he’s taken a liking to is exceptional.”


“I couldn’t tell that the upright and frank Miss Mei was such a sweet talker.” Su Xi-er suddenly teased her, prompting Mei Jinxiu to laugh.


Outside the main hall, Ruo Yuan was standing ramrod straight, looking like she had something to say.


“Ruo Yuan, what’s wrong?” Su Xi-er walked up and gently asked.


“Princess Consort, Miss Qing has come requesting an audience with you.” Ruo Yuan felt a sour feeling in her heart while mentioning Ye Qingzhu. I haven’t seen Miss Qing for a long time; I didn’t expect her to suddenly appear again so soon.


“Ask her to come in.” Su Xi-er returned to the main seat.


Acknowledging the order, Ruo Yuan instructed a guard to lead Ye Qingzhu in, while she herself left.


Seeing that Su Xi-er had a guest to attend to, Mei Jinxiu also took her leave and headed in the direction of the backyard.


Soon, Ye Qingzhu had entered the main hall. When she saw Su Xi-er sitting in the upper seat in her pink dress, the former understood that Su Xi-er’s status was no longer that of the past, and she quickly bowed. “This servant pays her respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand. “You may rise. Please take a seat, Miss Qing.” She pointed to a lower seat.


Ye Qingzhu sat down before immediately stating her purpose in coming. “Princess Consort Hao, please allow this servant to enter the Prince Hao Residence.”


“What do you mean? You were originally staying in the Prince Hao Residence.” Su Xi-er was bewildered. I haven’t seen Ye Qingzhu for a long while, but it turns out that it was because she’s been transferred away. Was it Pei Qianhao’s order?


“Prince Hao issued an order to forbid this servant from returning to the Prince Hao Residence ever again, saying that the Princess Consort only needed two maidservants. Furthermore, Big Brother Wu doesn’t have any other estate or accommodation other than the Prince Hao Residence. This servant doesn’t know where to go, so I have come to beg you to graciously allow this servant to return.” Ye Qingzhu’s face was filled with sincerity. Can’t I even just glance at Big Brother Wu from afar?


Su Xi-er instantly understood Pei Qianhao’s intentions. Although he appears not to interfere in Wu Ling’s matters on the surface, the latter is his loyal subordinate; he wouldn’t leave him in the lurch. It’s very obvious what his intent was in sending Ye Qingzhu out of the Prince Hao Residence.


As such, she immediately shook her head. “I only need two maidservants at my side. I don’t like to have too many people around as I prefer my surroundings to be peaceful. Miss Qing, I will ask Prince Hao to arrange a place for you in the palace.”


“Prince Hao has already made the arrangements, but I don’t want to be too far away from Big Brother Wu. I will restrain my thoughts and no longer act the way I have in the past. Since he treats me as his younger sister, I will treat him as my elder brother from now on.” Ye Qingzhu had suffered quite a bit over this period of time, with Wu Ling deliberately avoiding her whenever he spotted her.


Since he has no feelings towards me, I should just let go even if my heart hurts so much.

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