“Yu Xiao, I know that you hate him, but we can’t live for the sake of hatred.” Su Xi-er came forward to advise him when she saw the ire and absent look in his eyes. His goal in life was to personally kill Yun Ruofeng, and avenge his brother. Yet, the object of his revenge is already dead before he’s gotten a chance, and he even found out about it so late.


“Prince Yun has died, and my purpose in life seems to have disappeared. Even as I say that, it seems like I’m not the only one who wants revenge.” Yu Xiao blankly said, his heart instantly at a loss.


“Yun Ruofeng offended too many people, and there are many who would want to see his head on a pike. Yu Xiao, what you should do next is to plan things out for yourself, and not let hatred take over your life. Do you understand?” Su Xi-er slowly counselled in a gentle voice. Hating someone is hard, but learning to let go of that hatred is even harder.


After a long while, Yu Xiao finally nodded. “Princess Consort, what should I do in the future? My plan is to follow you in this life, but you have so many capable people protecting you by your side. Even the powerful Prince Hao is your backer; what could I possibly be useful for?”


Su Xi-er laughed. “Not only are you adept at combat, you are also knowledgeable about strange schools of medicine. Why don’t you enter the army and work your way up from a common footsoldier? You can even help to treat the other soldiers with your medical skills.”


Yu Xiao’s eyes lit up. I can do that! He immediately replied, “Princess Consort, please put in a good word for me with Prince Hao so that he will allow me to enter the army. My big brother was in the army for many years, and I will definitely work hard to honour his memory!”


“You don’t need me to put in a good word for you to pass the examination. Besides, you will only be able to gain the recognition of the soldiers there if you depend on your own ability.”


Su Xi-er’s timely reminder enlightened Yu Xiao.I can enter the army even without the Princess Consort’s help, but it is a place where we rely on our own abilities, not on our connections.


“Princess Consort, when is the examination, and what is it like? I will wait here until Prince Hao comes back.” Yu Xiao’s eyes were shining with much vigour. Prince Yun is now dead without even a corpse remaining. Since that’s the case, I’ll follow in Big Brother’s footsteps, and become someone who can valiantly charge through the frontlines on the battlefield.


Suddenly, Yu Xiao thought of Mei Jinxiu. I won’t be seeing her anymore after I go to the army barracks. Despite having offended me, she actually said that she won’t bother arguing with a child. I hate it most when people say things like that; when I get back from the army barracks, I’ll find her and show her who’s boss!


Just as he was thinking about Mei Jinxiu, he heard her voice from behind him. “Princess Consort, this peasant woman’s luggage arrived at the residence this morning. From now on, please feel free to let me know if you feel unwell; my medical skills have improved quite a bit after spending these past few days of studying medicine!” She resoundingly said in a confident manner.


“You don’t have to address yourself as ‘this peasant woman’ in the future. It feels too stifling to stick to so many formalities.” Su Xi-er smilingly replied before standing up and walking to Yu Xiao.


“Feng Changqing’s combat skills are pretty good. You can consult him before you enter the army.” Su Xi-er suggested.


Yu Xiao nodded. I’m very impressed by Big Brother Changqing, but he left for the flower field earlier this morning. I’ll have to go find him.


“Princess Consort, I will go and look for him.” Yu Xiao turned around to head out, pausing briefly as he passed by Mei Jinxiu and harrumphed. “Wait until I come back from the army barracks and keep your arrogance in check!” He then left the main hall without waiting for Mei Jinxiu’s response.


Mei Jinxiu disdainfully snorted. “You’re just a child. By the time you are done gaining experience, I would have already become much more powerful.” Think you can beat me? Dream on!


Watching Mei Jinxiu, Su Xi-er realised that they were similar in certain aspects. For example, we are eager to win. However, despite being arrogant, that trait is also what endears her to others.


“Princess Consort, I have a presumptuous request.” Mei Jinxiu suddenly blurted out as she looked at Su Xi-er.

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